Sunlight: Post Cards

Sunlight Project- Post CardsA first step on a journey, however small, however tentative, remains a step. Thinking and planning are important of course, but they don’t get you anywhere on the journey. Only steps take you there, especially that crucial first step.

The Sunlight Project is all about giving nurses a voice, safe from retaliation. Until now, it has been an idea, a plan, an aspiration. The time has come for a first step time, I think. Scary! Time to decide between fiction and nonfiction for Sunlight, between promises offered and promises fulfilled.

I seek truth. “Truth”: such a simple idea, but often not so simple when it comes to finding it and verifying it as such. I seek patterns and assume nothing about any data I receive. I quote and publish, and hope to see patterns emerge over time.

First, we need to review the ground rules. Sunlight’s Seven Rules:

1) I ask nurses to tell me about their experiences of abuse, bullying, fraud, corruption, and any other misbehaviors towards nurses or patients.

2) I quote your reports on this permanent page, as I consider what else to do with them. I accept information in any form but advise those reporters who fear retaliation of any sort to use good old-fashioned snail mail: postcards and letters. Unlike the internet, these options leave no trail back to the sender. Cheap and easy privacy!

3) I will not knowingly violate HIPAA regulations. I ask the same of you.

4) I do not divulge the identity of any nurse offering me their complaints. Nor do I keep any records. I destroy any snail mail I receive unless asked otherwise by the nurse making the complaint. In this way, I will make it impossible for anyone to coerce me later into breaking any nurses’ trust. I cannot give information I don’t have, now can I? I designed this plan to replicate the anonymity once offered by Wiki-Leaks. I lack the technical resources to secure internet communication, so I offer a cheap and reliable alternative. We nurses have an ethical and professional duty to protect each other and patients from harm and abuse, at individual and community levels. Sunlight makes it safe for vulnerable nurses to pursue that crucial mission. Anonymity has its downside, clearly, but Arizona also offers total anonymity to all those who file complaints against nurses in Arizona. I intend to level the playing field as best I can.

5) Speaking of risk reduction, I will not knowingly report any information coming from Massachusetts, my home state and the source of my RN license. My liability is uncomfortably large on this project. I’ll cover the rest of the world. Someone else will need to cover Massachusetts.

6) I’m reluctant to post complaints from nurses about other nurses. I do make exceptions, especially when nurses are acting as managers or regulators.

7) I greatly appreciate feedback and assistance. See my contact page. At this point I’m especially eager for ideas as to what to DO with these stories, beyong merely collecting and offering them here.

Deep breath, Greg. Time to take that first step… One Post Card at a time, in roughly the order they arrived:

1) “Person: Jonathan Eric Hill, RN.  Inst: Yuma Regional Medical Center. Offered to assist another, ‘I can see or say anything you want me to,’ worked in collusion for a friend, spread lies to destroy witnesses. To feather his own nest. Nurse Bullyer…”

2) “Identity: Nikki Austin, Arizona. Inst: Former Board of Nursing, AZ. No clue how to investigate, all one-sided ‘digging.’ Witch hunter good standing. Getting her MSN currently. Looking at teaching nurses. Beware the wrath of N.A., sinister sociopath.”

3) “Who: Cindy (Gill) Bushey. 1) Rutland Hospital VT, 2) Yuma Hospital, Yuma AZ.  Fired, maybe 2 med errors, lied to BON, on probation then went to 2) she bullied another nurse til she quit, spread lies.”

4) “Judge Brian Tully, Phoenix. Chicken shit judge. Afraid to go against Gov Agency. Calls in ‘sick,’ Biased in Court Room, towards AG. Should be fired, Career for Career”

5) “Dorita Pool, Yuma Regional Medical Center. Nurse Bully, fabricated many stories. Worked as a gang.”

6) “Jamie Qualls – One simple truthful statement is all I need. A witness who saved my career, but “doesn’t want to get involved.” Lives in Arkansas, Worked at Yuma Regional.”

7) Who: Larry Sucui. Agent Yuma Regional Med Center. Willing to write a false complaint for YRMC to get a nurse career in jeopardy. Puppet for Teri Norris, H.R. Too bad the bar AZ not a Gov Agency – Regulates their own. Will not get sanctioned.” Says St Charles Medical Center in Redmond, OR is “nice.”

8) “Bully, liar Bobbie Jennings RN lives in Ohio, worked in Yuma, AZ. Gave me info: a nurse told her she had ‘3 guns w/ my name on them.’ I reported to police, they called her (no answer). A 3rd nurse told her Yuma would turn her in to BON for telling me that. She returned a call to police 6 months later. Denying she told me that. She took the bait and lied to police to save her own skin – they wouldn’t have contacted BON anyways.”

9) Debbie Morikawa reports (via blog comment) that AZBON member Shawn Harrell also edits the newspaper for the AZ Nurses Association. She also reports that AZBON demands nurses get a Psychiatric Evaluation from a BON-approved psychiatrist who will bill their insurance, which requires entering a diagnosis for the nurse in question. “Psych evals come in handy when there is not a Nurse Practice Act Violation. While the Az Nurses association allowed the BON to pass a law , that nurses/CNAs that are ordered psych evals will receive unprofessional conduct if they refuse… they can fit it under, POTENTIAL to be mentally unfit. …….. ” She reports that when she notified YRMC management of “a stalker at the apts owned by YRMC Yuma,” they “turned on me and put in a BON complaint.” She reports that Mardy Taylor “work[ed] with the BON, sending nurses she wanted to get rid of, that were top of the pay scale to the BD to ‘ do away with’. Hired ax nurses…”

10) [Received 5/18/15] “Machele Headington [YRMC Vice President, Communications and Marketing], VP Comm. Yuma: ‘We do not fire people for comments,’ Angela Gusta – fired, put in every newspaper in AZ, for a comment.”

11) [Received 5/18/15] “YRMC HR Refused to accommodate Dr. Lester Fleming, Anesthesia, who had disability, sickle cell –  He filed lawsuit”

12) [Received 5/18/15] “David Thorson – former ER Dr, Yuma [YRMC] filmed women while he did GYN exams. Camie Overton, CEO: “We have thousands of employees, Phys + volunteers who dedicate their lives to Caring for this Comm, + who do so with the highest level of professionalism”

13) “HR Yuma lying underhanded in my case. [unable to transcribe]: Dr. Gary Berg Anesthesia YRMC AZ.”

14) “Dr. Joseph Franzetti, Psy had sex with a patient and inmate. Decree of censure – probation. AKA Dr. Deception, ,  ARIZONA,”

15) “My supervisor Marla Moore – Yuma Hosp did not stick up for me when I called the Dr at nite. He turned 7 of us RN’s to Bd of nursing AZ. Charges all of us (then quit). Janet May Wisc. Marla was on the Bd @ the time.”

16) “Worked 25 years as a nurse, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers day, Easter, night shift, called in on days off, short staffed, in exchange for pizza the supr would order , no one got a chance to eat, on your feet 13 hours a day, so the Drs can make their big bucks, the CEO has good retirement, to lose license by AZ BON . They did it to save a hospital. This article says it all. Who would have thought a BON would be this corrupt and be able to operate in this manner with no oversight? No transparency. I will spread the word to warn those unaware. I blame the AZNA who are only a member for selfie reasons, they do nothing for nurses in az, the AG who can lie and chase a judge who will sign her perjured statements, who knows very well the case was bs, the members of the BON, the GOV, who wouldn’t make a pimple on Arnold Swartneggars butt, the administrative law court manager, the BAR who is not a government agency, but protect their own, the solicitor general’s office.”

17) “Dr. Alaaeldin Babaiker license suspended, Yuma AZ. Eval: pos opioid, alcohol, alprazolam, amphetamine. The Narcophere”

18) “Tracy Hieber Recruiter, YRMC Goes to California, Florida, Nevada to talk nurses into coming to Yuma (who have been open since ’70 44 years!)”

19) “Maria Theresa Shaikh AZBON ordered psych eval by Dr Phillip Lett, who wrote: overall performance significantly below expectations given age, education & occupation – P. Lett writes this on all nurses he evaluates if sent by BON AZ. License revoked. They wrote, “Respondent fully aware of legal rights.” How could that be if [above] were true?”

20) “YRMC billed the top two most expensive codes for eight out of ten Medicare emergency room patients. Billing at the hospital made Yuma, Arizona the nation’s regional leader for the percentage of billing of the top two levels of E and M codes, far higher than metropolitan areas like New York City and Chicago. ” – from a photocopy of an article sent to me, source unknown.

21) “I took a foley out of a man. He didn’t pee, it was only 4 hours – BON AZ ordered a psych eval on me! I passed and got probation, of course, the Bds friend Mardy was CNO, and I was at the top of the pay scale! BON uses psych evals illegally.”

22) “I’m [x], a former nurse AZ. Drank too much over Christmas. In Mesa Desert Hosp AZ. I c/o a Dr. I couldn’t understand. [Hospital] admin & AZ BON wrote complaint + sent to Colorado my home state – my nightmare began. BON AZ retaliates – touch one of their Drs! – $$$”

23) “Who: Tammy Ely. 1) Worked Rehab AZ, Bd complaint. 2) Worked Maricopa Med Center AZ, Stole Demerol, Morphine. 3) Hired Yuma AZ in Labor & Delivery, does not document her wastes. She is listed as a BON-AZ witness, part of Yuma gang against one nurse. Verified AZBON website.”

24) “Claudette Rodstrom. I heard her side only and acted. Now I’m involved. I am a crying towel for manipulative nurses, mgr, Yuma former BON AZ Pres.”

25) (Via post comment) ” I did a seasonal in Yuma and let me tell you, YRMC deserves the ‘thumbs down” and reporting what goes on there. Makes you wonder if you are in the US, and 2015. Very scary for nurses to be traveling, or working.”

26) “As VP of Yuma Hospital I sent out a letter to every employee against the union (telling them we don’t want union getting in the way of our communication) -LOL! What communication”

27)”I know cases that come before me, the ‘nurse’ who investigated, only looked for ‘dirt’ on the nurse in an attempt to shame, prosecute. When info is not accurate, I am the one in court trying to save the AZBON. I have a tough job, but the hours are good.”

28) “AZBON meeting, shoplifter 4 times 6/13, 5/10, 7/10, 6/13. The psych eval says ‘I’m fine!’ NO impulse control”

29) “On 7/2012 AZBON charged me with lying on application @ WARMC + drugs with sanction on my nurse’s license. Yuma hires probation nurses. YRMC Yuma hired me in OB where I was in charge of Blue newborn. I never did this before. Source AZBON website”

30) “AZ Admin Law Court Room Beth A. Campbell drilling a nurse about cholesterol, dialysis, HTN, antibiotics. 2 Attys, 1 judge, Board of AZ NO for what??”

31) “I worked the ER at Yuma. I saw the ‘Wanted’ Poster. I  am a witness and I don’t work there anymore. I quit. A real ‘license losing’ place, that’s for sure. I made a copy of the poster, so let Yuma HR lie about it. They did take it down. I thought it was a very nasty thing to do. I know the nurse, not at ALL dangerous. Yuma is dangerous for nurses – Miss former YRMC.”

32) “Hi, love your column. I worked in the HHH (Hell Hole Hospital) of Yuma. I am not recommending it to anyone. They   threatened to turn me in to the board of nursing unless I lied. My license there is inactive.”

33) “The housing manager at YRMC Theresa harassed us. 5:1 on a cardiac floor!”

34) “Please help nurses in Arizona. We need it. Sincerely, an RN.” – postcard of Phoenix sent from Phoenix

35) “Yuma owned Apts ‘Sonora Sunset’. We do background checks but not on a manager. Keresa Savedra: criminal record on file and you gave her your email, mother’s maiden name, SSN, DOB, home address…”

Additional data: ” #35 should be TERESA SAAVEDRA, I know her . she has quite the criminal record. How did she get hired at Yuma Medical Center? Where they “do background checks on everyone.” She even falsified her application, which would have been so easy to check. ‘Downsized’ is the reason for leaving her last job HAHAHAHA. A check of police records to her personal residence, ‘drugs are us.’ Now you know the rest of the story at Sonora Sunset.” Thanks to Marjorie, Fla for this public comment!

36) “I was in Yuma as a nurse & saw many nurses who were not fit to practice because of clinical & drug abuse.”

37) “I had two anonymous complaints while working at St. Joe Phx (Thomas Rd) and ended up on probation. I should have the right to face my accusors!”

38) “A member of SAFF Southwest Arizona + Arizona Futures Forum and my title is “Promotional Media Communications. I am also VP of Communication & Marketing @ YRMC. I can’t deny what is said but it makes my job harder… It’s 119 today but we say 77 average”

39) Jennifer (via Post Comments) : “Yuma is the armpit of the world, (or similar anatomy) it is the Wild Wild West , you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. When a group of people get together and make up lies , let it snowball and sit back and watch the fruit of their labors. Now their motive to get nurses to go to this god forsaken place, is to “grow their own”. Put locals in nursing school , then they wont want to leave, (or so the scheming goes).
Thanks Greg, your doing a great service. Now if the City Council would stop voting out the competition, to build a hospital there . It would be the ONLY hospital there, and so the public would have a choice, they would go out of business in a heart beat. !

40) Nurse in good standing (via Post Comments): “Unfortunately for many of us, our career is ending on quite the sour note. Victims of the Arizona Board of Nursing. For what reason? while our stories remain slightly different the pattern is all to the same. Nurse speaks up hospital puts in false complaint BON goes on a witch hunt. Things that an ethical attorney would never take a case for, the free atty for the BON do. The main one now is Elizabeth Campbell. Prosecutorial misconduct is rampant.
But something else that stood out in the article is POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA (that is how she found the nurse). And this is how we expose this corruption. The BON had website ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION TAKEN DOWN .
AZ BON is not used to their being the center of public humiliation. Karma!”

41) “… I tend to want to believe in our government, but its just so weird this AZBON. When I was trained the rules were so simple when it came to quality and regulation, now nurses get dumped by lies about the patient safety issues, Thanks again for your beliefs, and your work.”

42) “For the rest of us, we figured it out too late. I sure wish this website was up before I got entangled in the AZ Bd of Corruption. The false allegation complaint seems to start with a hospital , then a ‘investigator ‘ who knows nothing , but is trained in the witch hunter school , then they start the game called ” find the dirt” , if there is none make something up. Present anything and everything they can find. Your blood work, pain pills you took when you had your gall bladder out 10 years ago. and dont forget Aunt Matilda. Geeezzz is new grads only knew !”


  1. Drat, I went to Yuma worked seasonal contract, I left early, had to get out, the staffing is nuts the ED is a zoo, Mexicans laying all over the floors. One had a baby in her car, found out it was stolen , they left it in the parking lot. The nurses they bring in from around the country and stay in these apartments that the hospital hooks you up with, are the lowest class of meth heads I ever met. It seems being a border town has to do with the constant flow of drugs , but it was the nurses and who ever they dragged along that made it one big crack house. I wished I would have read this before driving to this hell hole. Thanks, at least I know I’m not the only one!! ‘


  2. Once again Greg, that very well could have been me? I keep waiting for my phone to ring, open an e-mail, or something to say that “You still must do A, B, and C, or D (all of the above)”. Weird huh? You would think if I rec’d a letter from FL BON, they would follow up with maybe a phone call, an email, tweet me, or Facebook me. Hmmmmm. I’m not hard to find or to contact.
    I hope that Amanda is doing OK. I hope her family is rallying around her and doing what they can for her.
    I hope Amanda has just one friend to believe in her.
    I hope Amanda is living life, and loving every minute of it.
    Thanks Greg, I love your Red Carpet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. #35 should be TERESA SAAVEDRA, I know her . she has quit the criminal record. How did she get hired at Yuma Medical Center? Where they “do background checks on everyone”.
    She even falsified her application, which would have been so easy to check.
    “downsized” is reason for leaving her last job HAHAHAHA . A check of police records to her personal residence,” drugs are us. ” Now you know the rest of the story at Sonora Sunset.

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  4. Greg. I fully support your mission. I am trying to spread the word to local nurses about the Sunlight Project.

    However, nurses here are so job-scared they may fear to report, even anonymously. It is such a sad situation here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Job-scared, yes. I’m all too aware of that.

      It’s hard to engage busy nurses’ eyeballs, then convince them to read on a topic they consider an irritating lost cause, then build enough trust in a total stranger on the internet, then convince a poor overwhelmed soul to perform yet another thankless task to help address a cause they consider hopeless by definition… yes, it’s a tough sell.

      I’ve been stunned, frankly, to see so many handwritten cards in my box, with stamps bought and paid for, licked, attached… each card the product of a thousand times more expense and effort than any text or email demands: on the while, 36 so far represents FAR more than I ever imagined possible.

      Sometime it pays to swing for the bleachers, however long the odds…

      I’ll do what I can. What more can anyone do?
      Again, thanks – Greg


  5. Funny how Yuma tries to ‘trash ” a good employee, sometimes you can get away with that and SOMETIMES it comes back to bite ya. ANd the really neat thing , its all TRUE.
    Love the site ! ! !


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