My Notes: Ideas on the Fly

Writing down your thoughts forces some additional clarity on you. It seriously exposes your vague bullshit and delusions, the gaping holes in your thought process that your imagination had nicely glazed over. Paper isn’t so kind that way.

If you don’t understand this notion, perhaps you’ve never tried to write down your thoughts. It’s humbling and it’s hard! It’s far easier to see your mistakes and the holes in your thinking as you write it all down, read it, edit, repeat. A strong argument for writing, I think.

In any case, here are some brief somewhat random thoughts in reverse order:

Dec 19 2016: We each have different strengths and weaknesses. I, for example, have far more willpower when it comes to buying junk food than eating it. I can skip the purchase, but tend to eat the whole thing – nom nom nom – far faster than I should. All the way to empty, in fact. What to do?

I could work on the nom nom control, and have, with rather little success if any. So I changed tactics. 

Changing tactics: so many people skip such an easy solution. They keep bloodying their noses against the same bloody spots on the same brick walls! Such a futile, insane, punishing approach to life, and quite common. If it doesn’t work, for goodness sake try something else! It’s called adpatatation, learning. 

So that’s what I did. I learned and adapted. I now assume no willpower at the eating end of this scenario – a safe bet – and focus all my attention on the buying end. You can’t overeat what you never bought, right? Problem mostly solved, with little effort or pain. A win for Greg.

There are many problems in life you can attack more than one way. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and plan accordingly. Try it! It sure beats agonizing over your weaknesses after you trip over them over and over…

Oh, and it’s my 50th Birthday today. I always hated having a birthday so close to Christmas. It seriously stinks! Some years I’d even hide it, then feel bad that it was hidden. A weak spot. So this year I said Enough! I moved it 6 months, to June as it turns out. From now on I celebrate halves, not wholes. Nice!

Dec 17 2016: A lever magnifies your power. In effect, it makes you stronger. A should, on the other hand, lessens your power. A should waves a red flag in your face: a judgmental, shaming, ‘shouldy’ feeling. Thus a should distracts you, kills your attitude, initiative and confidence, and drives you to avoid the issue at hand outright, a grand, self-flagellating way to avoid getting anything useful done. Shoulds seem like motivators and production engines. In action, on the ground, they’re motivation and production killers. Shoulds are soul killers that blame you for failing. They’re a bad bet! Go with goals instead: that’s where the good stuff happens. Leave the shoulds to all the folks you leave behind you in the dust with a smile on your face.
Time was, we had tools. Simple: they were useful or discarded. No longer. Our tools have been complex and demanding. All too often we let our tools, and those selling us those tools, to convince us to serve our tools more than then they serve us. When you find yourself serving your tool more than it serves you, it’s time for some major change. If you feel like a clumsy fool using a tool, ask yourself: is it me, or is it simply a matter of a crappy tool? Crappy tools make you feel crappy, incompetent, weak, ineffective, thwarted. Find better tools and you suddenly become more capable, effective, powerful. So do it, right? Yet most folks limp along with crap and blame themselves for the results…

Dec 16 2016: There’s a problem. There’s always a problem, one among countless many. It’s no one’s specific responsibility. Here’s the rub: you see it. Does it become your problem, your responsibility? Or do you walk away like most people do most of the time? If you address it, how? Your character grows in layers, based on such choices. What will yours look like in time?

Patient care is partially about giving folks what they what. But there’s much more to it than that. So a patient is displeased with your care. Does that mean you failed, or does it mean you succeeded? Judgment: it always involves responsibility and the risk of error. So be it. At our best, we set priorities, achieve them as best we can, and move on. Perfection doesn’t happen, it’s just a pretty notion and a target no one ever hits. Not quite…

Dec 15 2016: Hope is rocket fuel. It takes you places!

Try shit, fail, learn, adapt, grow, progress. That’s called evolution: the path forward to the future.
The leader in the room thinks clearly, learns well, and acts as needed.
Sometimes we bury the past. Sometimes we live it. Choose well.
Make a difference. Create something lasting and good. What else is life for?
Get away, above. Do it often. Good for the mind, the soul, the future.

A daily review is a wonderful, powerful thing. A dose of truth to cut through all the other crap & distraction. We wander randomly so damn much: a chosen direction, chosen well, is what takes s far. Otherwise, we wander in random little circles and go nowhere but older.
Every choice, every act: another layer. Layers add up over time, and they get deep surprisingly fast. All those countless layers, each trivially thin, yet they add up to something. They all add up to what you become.

Dec 14 2016: I haven’t bothered with a journal for far too long, a cause for regret. I’ll get over it. may have already done so. Taking action seems a tremendous cure for regrets and the like. I’ve used paper in the past. Today I think I’ll try digital musing. We’ll see how it goes.

I start this experiment in the quiet that is late night. As a lark, I make it all public for now. After this sentence, nothing will be dated. I’ll simply add ideas as they come to me. The idea warms my heart. So here goes: