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I practice what I preach. Fun is crucially important stuff for all nurses! Life and work without fun amounts to rushing to get old and die, ASAP. Do better than that: you deserve it! (Click for the Video!)

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We nurses suffer far too much, far more than we deserve. We often feel bitter, beat up, beaten down, burnt out, cynical. It’s not our fault, but it’s still our problem to solve, for ourselves and each other. No one else will fix it for us. Unaddressed, such woes end careers and ruin lives. It’s crucially important!

At work, sometimes I find myself discouraged, defeated, hopeless, or AGGRAVATED!!! 

Such experiences come and go, and I deal with them as best I can. They aren’t my usual experience of nursing: I’ve learned a lot about coping and solving problems over the years. Success is no accident: like all reality it’s a matter of cause and effect. If you make prudent choices – the causes – then you enjoy a better future – the effects. Twenty years in, I have no interest in retiring. I have a lots of fun doing things that get my bills paid. I call that success.

Nursing is a tough and often dangerous gig: physically, mentally, spiritually. It’s an adventure, and not some pretend entertainment adventure either. Nursing is no roller coaster “adventure experience” ride. Nursing’s the real deal: that’s why nursing matters in a way no roller coaster ever will.

Most people avoid real adventures, and reasonably so. Real adventures offer great rewards, but also daunting risks and pain. Some adventurers earn immortal fame, get the girl, or save the universe; others get broken. Are you familiar with the Trojan War? As Homer’s epic story goes, gods’ & goddesses’ antics in a beauty contest (Stranger than fiction, except…) led the Ancient Greeks to fight a ten-year war with Troy over a lady named Helen. It was an adventure: many people died. Most failed. All suffered, and all remain famous today, thousands of years later. Adventures offer high stakes and unknown outcomes. They’re scary and risky: that’s why most people avoid them. That’s also why doing so is reasonable. Thankfully, some people take them on anyway. We call such people heroes. Pick your adventures wisely: I suggest something better than fighting over Less-Loyal-Than-Pretty Helen of Troy…

What about nurses?

No one encouraged Florence Nightingale to become a nurse: exactly the opposite, actually. After years of discouragement and failure, at long last she became a nurse. She eventually did far more than that, of course: she forced the greatest empire on earth to let her create modern nursing and hospitals. Oh, how the British Empire fought to defeat her! She was a woman and a nurse at a time when nurses were known more for drunkenness than professionalism. Her near-totally male-dominated culture hated few things more than change. Given such dismal prospects, she demanded that generals, doctors, and British officials submit to her authority and accept massive change they didn’t want. In the end, THEY DID JUST THAT!

That’s adventure at it’s best! Nightingale had an outrageous, impossible vision. Given every reason to give up, she refused. By doing so, she created the modern nursing profession we take for granted. Nursing was born in her adventures. That and modern hospitals, epidemiology…

We’re not all Nightingales, of course, and that’s OK. How could we be? There are many sorts of heroes.

We nurses dare to protect and serve our patients against all odds. When most people shun others’ troubles, we wade in. We risk violence, injury, abuse and other suffering: we pay the price to save the day. Heck, we do it so often, we often forget that it’s a remarkable and heroic way to live: an adventure! Surprisingly often, some of us even risk getting scapegoated, fired, even banned from the profession to protect our patients and peers against corruption and abuse. Saving lives, making hopelessly unworkable systems work: it all feels routine. It is not.

Try and convince me that nursing isn’t an adventure! I dare you…

Except in fairy tales, such adventures can destroy us. We’ve all seen the casualties in our ranks, the walking wounded. Some fall to injuries, some to violence and PTSD. Some give up and become burnt out zombies of a sort: doing the minimum, spirits broken. Some retire far earlier than planned, and not to any life of ease. Adventuring is a tough gig!

We can considerably improve the odds, though. We can do better, feel better, and become better, with training, practice, innovation and mutual support. I’ve seen it happen, felt it happen, many times. The right tools make any job easier, and most nurses don’t have all the best tools, not yet. That’s actually good news, not bad. When you lack tools that are readily available, the smart choice is obvious. Get those tools!

One such tool is humor.

I often browse for nursing humor, and store much of it on Pinterest: Big Red Carpet Nursing Fun. When it comes to nursing humor, I’ve found that ours needs vastly exceed our supply.  On Pinterest, for example, it takes very little effort to run out of material you haven’t already seen. Trust me, I’ve done it! It’s near-impossible to run out of tips on shoes or food or wedding planning, but nursing humor? Very limited. We desperately need humor to survive, yet our humor supply is amazingly small, especially compared to many other groups. Look at that Pinterest board, if you would. Compare how much humor I found within nursing culture, versus elsewhere. I often don’t even bother to pin an item because it’s already up on hundreds of other boards. It suggests to me a desperately short supply when that happens. It’s like looking to buy a used car and finding the same few cars, over and over, wherever you look.

Still don’t buy it? Let’s look at engineering for comparison. I started out as an engineering major, long ago, when I was still living on autopilot. Like nurses, engineers have stresses and gripes. They need humor to help them get through a workday intact. Unlike nurses, engineers have Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert: hugely popular inside and outside of engineering. Why so popular? It’s simple: Dilbert is unusually funny. Scott Adams knows how to take a boring complaint and add the magic that makes it funny! Oh, how I wish we had a Nurse Scott, a nursing Dilbert!

Sadly, we don’t, not yet. Here’s an example of what we do have:

Nurses Rock - Timeline Photos_ - https___www.facebook.com_photo.php

This item offers truth: short-staffing is a huge stressor for many nurses. What does it lack? It lacks the magic that makes a complaint funny. I can appreciate its truth, and it’s always nice to see your concerns publically acknowledged, but such work can’t rival Dilbert.

Of course, plenty of nurses already appreciate humor:

nursing memes on Tumblr _ - http___scrubsmag.com_our-5-favorite-
Via : Our 5 Favorite Nursing Memes

This one hits the nail on the head. Nursing humor isn’t optional: it’s a matter of SURVIVAL. Survival! If you find any good stuff out there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send it my way. Please!

I use a lot of humor at work. I often find that otherwise intractable problems promptly dissolve with a little humor. Take a visiting family, for example, apparently impossible to please without time travel and superpowers (It’s truly amazing just how often such folks visit!). Imagine them **poof!** turning into smiling allies. Sometimes humor can solve otherwise impossible problems, and it can often solve workable problems far quicker and easier than any other approach. Sometimes. It’s one tool among many, but it’s fun and remarkably powerful and versatile.

At the very least, humor makes our problems far less of a burden and hindrance. Humor is a way of life, an attitude, faith that “I can make this situation better,” even if only a little. In that sense, humor offers power and confidence. Here’s the thing, though: it takes practice to put it to best use, lots and lots of practice. It takes skill to put such a fine tool to best use. We need more nurses to practice more humor and build up our supply!

Humor isn’t just a tool. It’s also oxygen, in a sense.

We nurses badly need to better enjoy life and work. We also badly need to take better care of ourselves and each other, not just our patients.

It’s like what they tell you in an airplane (if, unlike me, you still listen to the where-are-the-plane’s-doors-and-floatation-devices spiel. Ack!). When an oxygen mask drops in front of you, they tell you, use your best judgement. Take the oxygen for yourself first, then offer it to others. Not the other way around!

It’s so tempting to put others’ needs first, isn’t it, especially if you’re a typical nurse? Aren’t you such a trooper, maybe even a saint! So selfless! It feels so heroic and professional, doesn’t it? It’s a grand gesture, ignoring your own needs to bravely offer up that mask to others…

Right until the moment when you pass out for lack of oxygen. Oops! Good job, ace! You’re dead. Not so grand now, is it?

Now the mask dangles uselessly over your limp body, and over all your fellow passengers’ limp bodies, unless they made a better choice than you did.

Some help you were! Heroic? Hardly. That’s not adventure or heroism: it’s tragedy.

Your heart was in the right place and that’s wonderful, it really is, but real heroes succeed when possible. They save the day, right? They choose wisely. They don’t try to feel like heroes, look like heroes, or act like heroes. They get it done instead.

Let’s try out a more relevant example. It takes far longer for this sort of mistake to play out in a nursing career than it does in an airplane. Still, the result is the same: unused masks and limp bodies, in a sense. Tragic failure.

What happens to nurses who ignore their own needs to focus entirely on others’ needs instead? What happens to a lawn mower left out in the rain and snow year after year? Poor maintenance equals impaired performance and early failure. Such nurses rust and fail prematurely. The decline takes years to get unmanageable but they gradually get slower, weaker, tireder (“tireder” just became a word. Trust me…), and less useful to their patients. Like a smoker’s breathing, the impairments build very slowly: slowly enough to overlook in fact, or to ignore or rationalize away: “I’m just getting older! I can keep up just fine, as good as ever!” No, and no, Nurse Rationalizing More Than Caring For Herself. As it turns out, I did my Master’s work on this stuff. Aging plus slow deconditioning equals accelerated aging. It offers about as much fun and joy as the name “accelerated aging” suggests: it’s the fast track to a nursing home and it’s entirely preventable. Maintenance, people, maintenance!

(There are many things you can do in life, but you just can’t beat cause and effect. If you can beat it, don’t get too cocky just yet: you’re dreaming. You’ll wake up soon enough!)

Trust me on this one: you don’t deserve to fail. You don’t! You deserve success.

How about all those people who depend on you, now and in the future? That’s right, they deserve for you to succeed too. They need you!

So choose success. It’s a no-brainer, right?

Yet how many nurses act otherwise? How many pass out, skipping the mask? How many opt for accelerated rust?

How about you?

Take care of yourself, OK? Humor is part of that project. Remember SURVIVAL?

Survival is worth a little more humor practice, isn’t it? It’s not like I’m asking you to eat brussel sprouts (**shiver** Sorry, it was just plain mean to expose you to such… horror)

I must say, I’m impressed and gratified with your patience with me, in that you lasted this long! Kudos and thanks!

We’re done with today’s sermon on humor.

Why do I offer Art/Fun in a nursing blog? Because it’s too important NOT to offer. It’s not optional. That’s why. Humor and fun are not optional, unless you consider success optional. Do you?

(Oops, I slipped back in sermonizing again… and I may have just created another new word. Isn’t English awesome that way? You can make up a new word. No one can stop you! And who knows – give it a year or two and it might just appear, **poof!** in the dictionary. Now you’re a contributor to the richest language in human history. Cool!)

Anyway, thanks for visiting. All suggestions and comments are welcome, of course.

Appropriate links are welcome too:

What makes you smile, relax, feel good, feel alive?

What makes you embarrass yourself laughing out loud? (No, “LOL” doesn’t count, this isn’t Twitter, but I guess an LOL is better than nothing. Send the trigger my way just in case…)

What keeps you going when you’re wading through some of life’s crap?

If you have anything you’d like to add, offer it up, please!  I’ll happily post and credit it.

We need all the help we can get, right?

Enough of my banter: Here they are, folks…


Monday, 8/10/15: From Nurse Theme Songs 4: It’s a Tune Typhoon! Our First One-Nurse Show:

NOTE: ALL THEME SONGS ARE LISTED ON THE Nurses’ Playlist: ALL the Theme Songs So Far page.


Hallelujah by Gov’t Mule

Galactic, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Juvenile – From The Corner To The Block

Under Pressure, Queen

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Sunday, 8/9/15: From Nurses Need Fun. What do YOU Do About it?: Cute family pix and:

Thanks to Nancy Wilson: Roller derby girl thwarts mugging attempt by racing through freeway to chase down purse snatcher – The Washington Post

Robyn Owen Whetstone of Just Bits and Pieces asks, “What do you do for fun?” and she answers her own question in Summer of Fun ☼ Activity 30 | Just Bits and Pieces.

Friday, 8/7/15: From Nurse Theme Songs: 5 Even Better Ones! (See post for fun explanations):

ROCKY theme song

Eye of the Tiger

Love Will Find a Way – Pharoah Sanders

Always With Me, Always With You – Joe Satriani

EKG Tap Dance Teachiing from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Thursday, 8/6/15: From Nurses Offer Their Theme Songs! Red Carpet Fun (See post for fun explanations):

Let’s Live For Today – The Grass Roots, 1967

Can’t believe you missed the obvious for nurses!

We Are the Champions – Queen

Wait. Wait! – Even better! -Eeeh, eeeh, eeeh! 

Staying Alive – The Bee Gees

Saturday Night Fever.

Bart Simpson gets his strut on

Jimmy Fallon

Pittsburgh Steeler fans

Wednesday, 8/5/15: From Nurses’ Greatest Hits! Red Carpet Fun (See post for fun explanations):

Dream Police – Cheap Trick

Destroyer – The Kinks

Iron Man – Black Sabbath

Been a Long Time Since I Rock & Rolled – Led Zeppelin

We will never, ever get back together – Taylor Swift

Tuesday, 7/28/15: From: Chinese Sexy Nurse: It Never Works For Me Like That!:

Chinese funny video #1 – The sexy Nurse ( English Sub) – YouTube 

Monday, 7/27/15: From: Membership is Up 200%. Comedy Nursing is Unstoppable!:

Comedy Nurse Specialists Invade Linked In

Coffee Leaf Paintings Created With Morning Coffee Leftovers

Giant Mythical Creatures Sculpted Out of Found Scrap Wood and Recycled Materials 

Tattoo Artist Transforms Girl’s Leg Braces into a Disney Fan’s Dream

I Add Weird Illustrations To Photos Of My Friends’ Feet 

Thanks, Dad, For Not Killing Me

If You Like Pina Coladas: Hackers, Sex and Fun

Tuesday, 7/21/15: From Kelly Rippa & I Have Some Sexy Fun Together Via the Internet:

From Wired, a quote about the hack from an AM corporate spokesperson

Wikipedia describes Ashley Madison as…

Ashley Madison hack could expose 37 million cheaters

UCLA Health breach put data at risk for 4.5M

Sunday, 7/19/15: From Humor/Cute Alert: Why Do Peds Nurses Have All The Fun?:

…watch this quick video evidence: a nurse clearly marrying a patient – at work no less!

Saturday, 7/18/15: From The Big Red Carpet #23 Saturday 7/18/15: 

I often browse for nursing humor, and store much of it on Pinterest: Big Red Carpet Nursing Fun.

Sunday, 7/12/15:

PHOTO: Wedding Photographer Chase Richardson Slips and… 

Someone Laser-Etched A Tortilla So It Could Play Music On A Turntable – It happened!

Some Fucking Guided Meditation For Your Shitty Life – Meditation with attitude and edge. Funny, actually.

Here’s A First Look At The ‘Sherlock’ Special

Saturday, 7/11/15:

ART: Champagne, by Evan Robertson 

Fancy Cocktails That Are Surprisingly Easy To Make

Man Has Fun Getting A Refund From The Lightbulb Police – My amusement and respect for this project very slightly exceed my deep jealousy that someone else came up with it…

A Memo Regarding New Strategies for Dealing With Olds – Racked – Kids theses days, so complicated. They’re sending out memos about slang now? In my day… ah, I see. I’m an “Old.”

Everything You Need To See From This Year’s San Diego Comic Con  – Try a I might, I can’t much more into this stuff than enjoying silliness there as portrayed on The Big Bang Theory, and certain attractive members of the Cosplay community. Still, they’ve got Bill Murray… I’m in!

Friday, 7/10/15:

FUNNY ART: Break Fast, by Jaco Haasbroek

ART:  Fearful 

Let Go – by Motivating Giraffe

Thursday, 7/9/15:

PHOTO: Ice Cream, by Erez Marom

“Skylodge” Houses Adventurous Travelers in Glass Pod Clinging to a 400-Foot Cliff 

NYC’s Lowline to Turn Forgotten Trolley Tunnel into World’s First Underground Park

Wednesday, 7/8/15:

ART: Salton Sea Sunset

The Dog: a nice quick video about a dog repaying a favor.

The Time You Have In Jelly Beans – quick video uses jelly beans, one for every day of your life, to teach an important lesson.

Remove Labels This Ramadan – A quick social experiment: people tell about themselves in the dark, then get to see what the others in their small group look like. Lots of surprises!

Tuesday, 7/7/15:


The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory in Clay | Persona

“As If It Were Already Here” | turtle moon impressions – cool public art from Boston

Sunday, 7/5/15:

ART:   PAINTING OF THE WEEK   La Fée de la forêt  The forest fairy

30 Funniest Things That Nurses Say or Write

What’s on the Other Side of the Ocean : Shows you what country is directly across the ocean from anywhere you might stand on the east or west coast on the United States.

Rogan Brown. The beauty of the unseen danger | Maverick Cult – Fantastic, amazingly details paper sculptures.

Saturday, 7/4/15: From The Big Red Carpet, Fourth of July 2015:

Children Dream Big And I Capture It With My Camera

A Museum Let Street Artists Do Whatever They Want On Its Walls. Here’s The Result

5-Year Old Who Taps And Sings Is A Natural Born Entertainer and a major charmer as well!

Hospital Eliminates July from Calendar, Decreases Mortality 3,000% – Genius! If nurses got paid 50 cents for every order they dictated or edited for the new kids, er, Residents, every teaching hospital in America might well go bankrupt. New residents write great orders, actually. Nurses need only address the orders that are lethal, ineffective, inaccurate, vague, dangerous, illegal, and the like, dictate the orders Residents can’t figure out on their own just yet, tell them what is and isn’t their job, and chew their food for them. Soon enough, they’ll learn to fly on their own!

Friday, 7/3/15:

ART: It’s Vacation Time!

Despite Doctor’s Advice, Monkeys Still Jumping on Damn Bed 

Yeah i’m evil 

22 of The Most Cool and Amazingly Useful Sites (and Tools) You Are Not Using

Thursday, 7/2/15:

ART: The Artist You’ve Never Heard of Who’s Re-awakening San Francisco — human x creator

No One Ever Came Close To Dancing On Film Like The Ross Sisters Back In the 1940s  – They were serious contortionists!

Stratocam – Fun collection of satellite photos of earth, more coming in all the time.

Cowboy Dad Joins His Young Daughter Hip Hop Dancing

Wednesday, 7/1/5: From Say Hi To Big Red Nurse Greg in VIDEO!!! (Much more vivid than text allows….):

Greg tells a joke from work

Wednesday, 7/1/15:

ART: THE DAILY LACOMBE I odeliarozenfeld

Saturday’s smiles | Homepaddock – Jokes galore! I blame my every other weekend work schedule for the day of the week confusion on this one…

Smart Dog Beats Toddler To The Punch And Says ‘Mama’ Before He Does – He talks!

Don’t Fall Into The Lake Texoma Intake Vortex  – Talk about a whirlpool!

Man Figures Out How To Make His Lawn Mow Itself – A remarkably simple and practical innovation!

Tuesday, 6/30/15:

How to Have Fun as a Nurse!

Photographer Mashes Photos Together For Hilarious Results

1,252 Floating Balls Form An Eye When Looking From The Right Angle :: The Internet’s Mall – I haven’t bought anything, but it’s surprisingly fun to browse.

Monday, 629/15:

Creepy Human-Skin Helmets By Jyo John Mullor  

Bicycle-Mounted Device Projects Signals On Cyclists’ Backs

Cat Vs. Bear: Wild Bear Tries To Enter A House But Meets A Cat

Sunday, 6/28/15:

Funny English Idioms And Their Meanings | Bored Panda.

Driftwood Dragons And Beast Sculptures By James Doran-Webb | Bored Panda.

Saturday, 6/27/15:

News Form New Zealand: Get Your Giggle On

Seven Different Molten Metals, Poured Into A 15 Gallon Fishtank – Digg.

Zombie Kids: I Photographed Children Hypnotized By TV.  You think screens are bad now? These pictures show what much of childhood was like in the heyday of television, tied to devices very much NOT mobile.

Friday, 6/26/15:

20+ Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity | Bored Panda.

Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand

Thursday 6/25/15:

I See Music Because I Have Synesthesia, So I Decided To Paint What I Hear | Bored Panda.

Randy Johnson Hits Bird – YouTube.

Wednesday 6/24/15:

Sweet Little Old Lady Has Impressive Vocabulary of Profanity 

Steampunk Jewelry Made From Old Watch Parts By Lithuanian Artist | Bored Panda

Tuesday 6/23/15:

The Cutest Conversations I Heard Between Everyday’s Objects | Bored Panda.

Spider Rain: Real!

Sweet Little Old Lady Has Impressive Vocabulary of Profanity 

I Draw Illustrations On The Sky Between Buildings | Bored Panda

Winged Insects Made From Old Computer Circuit Boards And Electronics | Bored Panda

Tuesday 6/23/15:

We Made Giant Mirror Letters In San Francisco To Show That Design Is All Around Us | Bored Panda.

Monday 6/22/15:

Thanks, Dad, For Not Killing Me 

Sunday, 6/21/15:

Artist Reveals Extremely Detailed Drawings In Her Notebook | Bored Panda

Children’s Hospital hosts prom for patients

DIY Shape-Shifting Lamp That You Can Flip, Swirl And Arrange However You Want | Bored Panda.

Saturday, 6/20/15:

Incredible Photos Reveal What’s Really Lurking Beneath The Water’s Surface… | True Activist

Tiny Retro Camper Has Every Comfort And Function Needed To “Glamp” In Style.

I Hand-Craft Steampunk Costumes From Old Parts For Movies

Friday, 6/19/15:

Interactive Street Art In Italy By Caiffa Cosimo | Bored Panda.

I Hand-Carve Bananas Into Geometric Patterns | Bored Panda.

Legally Blind Artist Makes Cracked Log Lamps Bursting With Light | Bored Panda.

Airport Staff Take Kid’s Lost ‘Hobbes’ Toy On An Epic Adventure | Bored Panda.

Thursday, 6/18/15: 

Watching 11,000 Marbles Go Down A Marble Run At The Same Time Is Immensely Satisfying – Digg.

Wednesday, 6/17/15:

Artist Hand-Cuts Insanely Intricate Paper Art From Single Sheets Of Paper | Bored Panda

Tuesday, 6/16/15:

Art of the Day – I Spy… 

Monday. 6/15/15:

Art of the Day – The Slit 

Saturday, 6/13/15:

So Many Needs!

Friday, 6/12/15: 

This Sassy Little Dancer Channeling Aretha Franklin Brings Down The House With Her Performance

Thursday, 6/11/15:

Walking Through the Witches 

Wednesday, 6/10/15:

Unplanned Art of the Day!

Art of the Day – 6/10/15

Tuesday, 6/9/15:

Art of the Day: Fish – Or Are They?

9-Year-Old Builds Tiny Homes For Homeless Because “Everyone Deserves A Place To Live”


Monday, 6/8/15: From I Knew It! Neanderthal Marketing:

Neanderthals Among Us

Your Headquarters for Neanderthal Designs

Monday, 6/8/15: From This Guy Lost A Bet To His Cousin. The Winner Could Do The Loser’s Hair:

This Guy Lost a Bet

Monday, 6/8/15: From Falling Down Laundry Chute: Public Health Menace?:

Falling Down the Laundry Chute and Breaking Neck

Saturday, 6/6/15: From Shia LaBeouf Screams ‘Just Do It’ At You For A Solid Minute:

Shia LaBeouf Screams ‘Just Do It’ At You For A Solid Minute – Digg.

Saturday, 6/6/15:

WOOD CARVING: Hobbit Houses

Friday, 6/5/15:

Celebrate!  Hop to it!

Wednesday, 6/3/15:

Hospital Publishes 6 Patient Guidelines – “Please try not to confuse us with a hotel”

After 25th Stain, Doctor Finally Decides to Wash White Coat 

Sunday, 5/31/15:

The chicklets discuss philosophy/politics… 

Stop being stupid

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