Merry Christmas or whatever

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[First off, please please PLEASE believe: I have no political or culture wars sort of angle behind the title. Christmas is a tradition in my family. Please enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate.]


So it seemed like a bad week to offer anything but a holiday post. Such a time! Lots of crowds and stress, traffic, stress, crowds… given all the pain and woe you hear about it’s a wonder we still call it a holiday season.

Am I stressed out? Not really. My oldest and most treasured shopping ritual is to go to the mall and walk around a while, buying nothing, looking at nothing except all the people, and simply enjoying that I’m not in a frenzy. Then I go home, my perspective refreshed. Only then can the shopping commence, on some later day. I highly recommend it!

Plus I had an unusually rough fall this year so I’m taking this year’s holiday season easy, doing the minimum. I’m not giving anything up: oh no, I’m pacing myself comfortably, giving myself the present of peace of mind. Hard to beat!

Trust me, I know all about the pressures people put on each other and themselves.

Still, keep in mind with all the madness this time of year: it’s all optional, not duty. Do what works for you and yours, not what everybody thinks you’re supposed to do or what will impress people. We’ve got all year to run the rat race, right? Why not give ourselves a present: peace. Let me tell you, it’s great stuff! Good for the soul, and WAY better than anything on Amazon or at the mall.

One more thing: I’m not talking about being Scrooge or the Grinch: no angry edge here. I’m just keeping it simple. Nice!

That’s my spin, anyway. Take care and enjoy.

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  1. Another insightful and reasoned post. It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the season, and find the joy of the season has passed us by. Best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, done your way.


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