Psych Circus: He’s Baaaaaackk…….!!!

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My old blog,, was lots of fun.

It sucked up LOTS of my time, and it attracted some eyeballs. Hobby blog numbers, honestly, a few million views a year. Fun! Yet not quite satisfactory. It was missing an extra something I couldn’t quite manage to define. So I took a break to find that special secret ingredient.

When was that? It feels like a long time ago, a long time…

I had to look it up, frankly.  It was December of last year. I badly needed to reassess, focus, and at long last find my very own Real Deal, My Core Product. Without making it better, it seemed to me why bother? I can write in a paper journal for free and with much less work than it takes to blog, folks…. I needed a REASON WHY or it was No Sale.

It took a while, but it was worth it: I think I finally found my WHY! A mission of my very own that compels and excites me. A mission that matters. After so much work, frustration and paying dues, I’ve finally found it, the ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS that gives a project the soul it needs to live. That life mission…

There are plenty of loose ends – a truly silly long TO-DO list – and there will soon be a sister Podcast too – but that’s all mere details. Details don’t lead: they follow. They always follow the core ideas, don’t they? If not, they lead you anywhere and nowhere.

So what’s the core idea here? It’s…

Drum Roll, please!!! ……….


First, the theme, then the content.

Imagine a Three-Ring Circus under an old-fashioned tent… BUT with a Big Red Carpet under everyone’s feet. Nice! An extra-welcoming circus with a twist: everyone is in the audience AND everyone is a performer. We’re all equal, working together towards a worthy goal. Everyone can participate and play whatever role they choose. Some just watch, some teach, some entertain, all have fun. It’s all good. The first circus of its kind in human history!

I kept the comfy Big Red Carpet from the old blog – it feels almost like a family heirloom at this point – but Psych Circus is so much better than just that, so much BIGGER … a bigger vision and far better focused.

So that’s the theme. As for content, we’ll focus on three related topics:

  1. Mental health: both wellness and illness.
  2. Relevant skills: how to get along better because it helps us enjoy life and succeed. Also because in my decades of experience, most treaters need better people skills. All too many of us badly need better skills, to better serve our clients and better enjoy our work and thrive. Finally,
  3. We’ll help erase stigma forever because stigma causes much of the harm and even death associated with mental illness.

I’ve hired a Ringmaster for my brand new imaginary Circus, folks! It was easy because that Ringmaster is me. I’m an experienced treater, a husband of a wife with mental illness, and suffer from recurrent Depression myself. In fact, my wife and I first met on an inpatient Psychiatric unit, long ago.

Under my Big Tent, all are welcome. ALL: psych sufferers, caregivers, friends & families, curious folks, the ignorant, dumbass haters… everyone. ALL! Tickets are free. Free! I’ll keep it civil and fun, and we’ll all grow and learn together. Nice!

Regardless of illness, we humans desperately need to talk to each other more effectively. We need to learn from each other and bond, get along, communicate, make it better for everyone, kill stigma dead forever. We can, we must, and you know what folks? Do you? Here’s what, folks:




And it’s going to be FUN too! Wait and see. It’s a Circus! Join us and make life better for everyone.










  1. psych sufferer here , lost license due to AZBON “thinks ” it would be nice to force mental treatment on a nurse who has been practicing for over 30 years , to have counseling 6 times ., for something allegedly happened in childhood , to be safe to practice NOW. I hate these psychs who sell the profession to agencies for money. And of course the AZ BON is not exactly the most honest , professional, high integrity bunch, but would rather steal someones paychecks for life , and lie their heads off when they are losing in the court room . Yes it was one big never ending circus .


    1. I have all too well about AZBON and its ethics. I once tried to force change from a distance, a long shot to be certain, and with no apparent impact. Thanks for your words and I wish you the best of luck – Greg


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