Pagan Priest Wins Right To Wear Horns For Maine Driver’s License Photo

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Is there anything in the universe more facinating than humanity?


imrsPhelan Moonsong, 56, has achieved something that no pagan or non-pagan has ever achieved before him.  He has been allowed to wear his ceremonial goat horns as a religious garment for his Maine driver’s license.  If anything, they should eliminate any difficulty recognizing the Pagan priest.

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  1. curious , how many people think that is this nurse wrote on a t shirt what the care was at this “other” hospital , how many people think that the Canadian BON would charge her with unprofessional conduct AND what is the difference if you wear it on your shirt or post it on line ??

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    1. As I understand it, license stipulations make our public comments failure game for retribution surprisingly often. We work at the pleasure of the state. Hence my reluctance to share my local knowledge. I tend to generalities and other states. It’s necessary as a liability hedge.


  2. I agree with the writer , there is nothing wrong with what she wrote. Especially when it was a family member who just passed. She did not go into detail what the insensitive comments were or identify the persons, but expressed a need to train those working in that area.
    I can only imagine what some of them were saying and that they were not all on the same page, and they probably do need some training. I can only tell you the number of times a Dr orders titrate morphine , DNR, NO CODE, when the rate is ___, the nurse following you TURNS IT DOWN. This is against hospice training and you never go backwards. How many times the selfish nurse would say, “i didnt want them to die on my shift” so they suffered in pain but as long as that nurse didnt have a death, she only cared about her/himself , they also need further training. OR the patient who came in for end of life and was given LESS meds than at home , suffering wife in tears , yelling “they said he would not be in pain” because the nite nurse , didnt read the orders right and didnt want to call the DR. Played catch up for two hours the MGR , paging me to tell the family they could not use the family room because they were going to have a meeting with donuts and chatter, across the hall. The man died, within 2 hours but was pain free. Upsetting to the entire family the whole situation. End of life advocates/ team came in at 830 and saw the huge problem at nite, and how I turned it around , the mgr still chopping on donuts laughing and having a good ole time across the hall from his room, while 20 people stood because they weren’t able to use the family room. Think was easy first thing in the morning to deal with , and finding a nurse to double check every narc given ? Was I angry at fellow nurses you bet, if this was family member would I let people know, absolutely. Who is really to blame, the mgrs professional?


    1. I hear you. How we express our complaints matters, though, as when we cross swords with entrenched systems and break established rules, inevitably that becomes the issue to be addressed, not the original complaint. Sad but clearly true.


  3. Although posting about clinical issues is not a good idea, this nurse was not on staff at this facility, she also posted good things. If it had all been good the charges of unprofessional conduct would not have happened. She was the granddaughter of the patient who was now deceased. There is no rule for freedom of speech , when the Board can sit around and re write the constitution, is a very sad day. Honesty is what wipes out defamation. Sometimes things backfire on a hospital , it has gone viral what they have done and the majority of the comments are for this nurse. There is nothing wrong with posting a family members experience on the web social media or fb. IF she worked there they could fire her but that is about it.
    There is a member of the AZBON who is on staff at a failing college, she tells her students the same thing, a great way to silence people and keep negative comments off their site. This is not taking a picture of someones junk and sharing it which is stupid and nurses have done . This is sub par care by a hospital that is run by the Gov , and the Gov is blame and shaming. By the comments it is backfiring. The hospital could not sue her for her opinion or if it was all true. The hospital and the Canadian board should be charged with abuse of power and unprof conduct.


    1. For good and bad, many rules affect nurses. Many! I teach nursing students to post nothing on social media, NOTHING about their clinical experiences. Too treacherous, especially to the uninformed. Even honest, well-intentioned, important messages neverthless tend to trip over countless regulatory details.

      As a result, the messenger becomes the issue, not the message.


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