Top Ten in Mental Health News

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  1. The sun affects mental health than we think: Two researchers show how sunlight exposure affects mental health and sleep, and what to do about it.
  2. Scientific American shows how our device screens have produced progressively more blue light over the last 20 years, increasingly affecting our sleep.
  3. Jonny Benjamin is a mental health campaigner. After years of hiding in silence, he bravely spoke out. Good for him! Such efforts are the only way stigma will end.
  4. Actress Amanda Seyfried also speaks out about her experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  5. There are lots of ways to help end stigma. Nicole Vana sold End the Stigma tee shirts.
  6. Mental Health Charity 42nd Street is using dance to help the cause.
  7. The Recovery College in London teams professionals with peer educators – past or current patients – to help people with mental illnesses improve their lives.
  8. John Green writes about his mental illness experiences and their impact on his creative work. Thanks to John for his open discussion! Stigma thrives in the darkness, in hidden places. In the light of day, it’s still there but badly weakened.
  9. Why does stigma matter so much? Simple: stigma pushes people away from support and into isolation. It also pushes them away from treatment. America loses over forty thousand people to suicide each year. Stigma accounts for a large chunk of the whole, perhaps a majority. And it causes much suffering to millions more. All preventable. Fighting stigma amounts to fighting suffering and early death. Half of mentally ill US adults get no treatment.
  10. How gaps in mental health care play out in emergency rooms.
  11. BONUS! It’s such a gimmick, this bonus thing, but I found this item post and it’s time-sensitive:


We can do better. The upside to most bad situations: so much room for improvement! So many opportunities. Let’s get to work!

Here’s a start: do you have mental illness experiences to discuss? It’s a tough call, I know, how and when and where to open up, given stigma and the related discrimination at work, with friends and family, and so on. I hid for decades, and it still freaks me out to even mention that I’m being open about my illness. But it gets a little easier each time, and it matters. It helps me, and it helps others. I won’t tell you what to do on this one: it’s a private choice and you’ll own the results. Still, keep the benefits of openness in mind, and the costs of silence. I trust and support you regardless.

Thanks for your time. I hope to make Mental Health News a regular item.



  1. This is a very thought out post. All the links given are excellent each catering to a distinct niche. I had no idea Amanda Seyfried had some problems as well. You never know, kudos to her speaking up.
    Keep the good work Greg! 🙂

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  2. Definitely important to discuss any mental health issues with loved ones or a trusted friend, as that help people to feel that they are not alone, which is vitally important.

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  3. Unfortunately, I’m seeing various “mental health issues” rear its ugly head more and more after this election…seeing some sad, inappropriate “anger issues” from usually reasonable people….very, very sad……and as a friend, relative and loved one I’m not quite sure what to do. It’s like these individuals are having “break downs” of sorts. There are those of us who are able to handle disagreeing and those of us that are (forgive the expression) “over the deep end”…..sad….very, very sad…… 😦


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