Psych! I’m the new ambassador between illnesses and treaters!

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I’ve long struggled to find a focus for this blog. It’s easy to offer lots of material, but a focus has eluded me. One that fits me comfortably like a well-worn shoe, ties it all together, defines my work? That’s hard!

I came up with many possibilities over time that never quite worked out. It’s been a deep struggle! Someone with as many interests as I have, so much energy and motivation: to find an acceptable focus, one that I can live with… it’s HARD!

Yet how can any project reach its full potential without focus? It’s virtually impossible. You can’t complete an epic quest without first naming it, without finding the long path to follow. You can’t!

After years of struggle, happily and at long last, I’ve finally discovered my focus. It was obvious all along, really, but too scary to accept at first. Stigma is a deeply intimidating foe, you see, a dragon that dismays the bravest knights in the land, so to speak. Scary! We’ll discuss it further, in time. It’s a killer of millions. No exaggeration…

I have a long history helping people with mental illnesses learn to survive and thrive: over 25 years as a professional, and nearly as many years educating other providers. Thousands of patients and growing…

I also have almost 30 years experience as a sufferer, as one with periodic bouts of severe and often life-threatening Depression, and thus one with extensive patient experience within the mental health system. Eight psych admissions or so – it’s rather hard to count so many! – have taught me quite a bit. Care quality varies WILDY! Don’t dare doubt it. Such experiences inform my professional practice. They help me help others. Good!

Given these experiences, my natural blog focus is obvious, don’t you think? Really, really obvious! Why not write about what I know best, about what I’ve long offered others in real life?

I have thus decided to call myself the Psych! Ambassador. I will bridge the chasm between patient and provider, between sufferer and professional, as I have done so often in life for so many years.

As it turns out, these two groups are natural allies in our ridiculous, deeply corrupt, ineffective, & inefficient American health care swamp. We suffer together for the stupidity of a system designed to make rich people richer instead of  serving patient needs, yet most members of both camps seem not to notice. They display a level of hostility and distrust that hurts both groups. I see it all the time, and I’ve seen it for years. It’s both a tragedy and a waste. It’s long overdue to make it better.

My self-appointed job, my chosen role, my mission in fact, is to bring us together and make it better. To teach folks on both sides of the chasm to thrive and get good work done right. It’s clearly a vast, unmet need. It offers tremendous potential for improvement in both healthcare and peoples’ lives. Huge!

Let’s make it better, folks. We can only win that way. Let’s win together!

Before he totally defeated his enemy in ways they could not foresee, Revolutionary War Captain John Paul Jones answered a British demand for surrender in the same way that I respond to our current unmet needs in mental health care:


I have not yet begun to fight!


How about you?

Where do you stand?

I want to know!








  1. I think your struggling to find focus was part of your search for answers that will eventually empower you to help others to the best of your ability and in line with your life purpose. Just do what feels natural to you. What comes easily is usually dismissed as too obvious, but often it is exactly what we need to do. I look forward to hearing about your mission. Enjoy the process! 🙂

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  2. That sounds fantastic! I am a nurse and a sufferer too and unfortunately I have moved to a mental health black hole. The soonest appt with a psychiatrist is 3 months and no therapy. I told my primary and he actually yelled at me “Why did you move to Okeechobee?” I tried the closest “Mental Health” facility and they were just interested in what meds I am on and they seemed to want to scare me by telling me how they were going to take me off them abruptly and that I was going to suffer.
    I had been so relieved to finally ask for help but then to be treated like this was unacceptable.I had been through enough in my life, I have worked hard to recover. But suffering for someone’s evident enjoyment was just exorbitantly unbelievable.
    You are right on point about the hostility, I have never experienced it like that before I have been to programs and they do things that sometimes make you uncomfortable, I understand that but it seems like they brought people over from corrections to “help”.
    I’m glad that you are doing this, it gives me hope that someone understands.
    If I can help in any way please let me know. Thank you and God bless you.

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