Depression Catch 22: Digging Out

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Here’s the Catch 22 of depression:

It deeply messes up your life, puts you in a deep, dark hole that only you can see. You badly need to climb back out and get your life back, get YOU back, right? As it turns out, there are many ways to help make that climb. So what’s the problem?

Here it is: depression is a talented liar and bully. Folks usually focus on the way it clouds your mood, but it also darkens your thinking and lessens your being. It doesn’t just make you feel sad. It also saps hope, confidence, concentration, energy, enjoyment, and motivation. It makes a convincing case that nothing will help. All is lost, things won’t get better and will continue to get worse. You’re a bad person. This dark and distorted version of you is the REAL you, unavoidable, unfixable, unlovable, useless. These are all lies, but powerful, deeply persuasive ones.

Social stigma piles on more obstacles, making it harder and more treacherous to reach out for badly need support and advice. Isolation is harmful, dangerous, even lethal, yet stigma encourages just that.

Folks experienced with depression will understand. Recovery from a serious illness, let alone mere survival, is hard work. It’s really quite difficult to do hard work under these conditions. I make it sound impossible, don’t I? It sure can seem that way.

Yet I’ve seen countless people do just that. I’m not up to describing HOW, just now. The state of the art, for now, remains trial and error among many tools. For today, let’s take comfort is this fact: many people experience certainty that recovery from their depression is impossible. It will never happen, ever.

And yet, for these many people, it does just that. Doesn’t believe your depression, folks. It’s a liar and a bully, remember?





  1. Greg, in the process of referring your site to someone, I just saw your article above. You describe major depression so well. You know I’ve been there, too.

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    1. I didnt know that: I teach students, patients & anyone willing to listen that Psych is all around us, hidden in plain sight because of Stigma. We all get open about it, even a little bit, kill Stigma dead, with that alone we end perhaps a majority of the suffering & death related to mental illness.


    1. I’m thankful for your feedback, happy this post was helpful, and pleased to hear you’re taking positive action. Good for you!

      I wrote it for myself as well; as a caregiver and sufferer, it has often been useful to ask myslef, “What would you tell someone else in your position?”


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