Good “of the Day” #32: University Student’s Kindness to a Stranger

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Thanks to Reshareworthy for this story:

“A young man’s gesture of kindness towards a deaf man with cerebral palsy is touching hearts around the world. Canadian university student Godfrey Coutto was on the express bus heading home in Hamilton, Ontario, when  […]”

Source: University Student’s Kind Gesture Towards Special-Needs Stranger On Crowded Bus Goes Viral


  1. Reblogged this on REALITY OF LIFE and commented:
    There is still kindness left in some of us.. even after having all this chaos with terrorism in this world..

    This stuck out to me because couple of weeks ago a topic in my office led to a discussion that.. on terrorism and how its been effecting and bringing fear in each an everyone of us that we can’t even trust our own..

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    1. We hear so much about terrorism, and rightly so to some extent, yet terrorism only happens when someone thinks they have little power otherwise, and only affects most of us indirectly, through fear etc. Remembering there are still good things happening, and good people, helps reduce terror’s power and influence.


  2. I understand that these types of stories go viral partly so that humanity can be engendered in people. But the man who took this picture exploited a disabled man’s need for comfort, and a public’s need to spread humanity. The man who comforted him was selfless…the man who took the picture was not.

    FYI my blog is now under the website Looking forward to seeing you there.


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