Good “of the Day” #10: Sisters separated 40 years ago find each other at work

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This story brings new meaning to the idea of getting “benefits” from work!

“After tragedy, abandonment and living in orphanages, DNA tests confirmed the two women’s many coincidences were anything but…”

Sisters separated 40 years ago in Korea reunited working in same US hospital | World news | The Guardian


  1. See… I don’t want to hide. I make no claim to being an expert on recovery/addictions; my loud mouth may preclude me from many things; as long as I stay in the game, have a chance to do better, be better, learn every day… then all will be worth it. Rome wasnt built in a day.

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      1. Greg, do you have children? See, I do. I would love to “wily nily” spout off about my kid issues; my recovery issues, and I’m happy. I know I’m blessed. Truth; I haven’t taken them into consideration when I want to vent/my list of “should have, could have, would have” grows daily. I should have not been so transparent. I didn’t even think to just make up a name (or an alias), when i spout about parenting. I didnt think I should have made an alias with the twitter thing. I didn’t even know that I could do that and save myself and my kids a whole lot of money, time and effort. I could have gone into rehab back in July…. where would I be right now? I have no idea. I could tell you an entire story of my perception of “what was really going on”… but that’s only my perception. I can tell you with certainty… that today, I’m grateful for everything I have. I have sobriety. While that may sound almost ridiculous to some…. to me, my perception; it’s all that matters. Sounds pretty selfish huh? I could go on and say that every day I’m grateful I’m not sitting in a jail cell. I am … Greg, I am grateful for those very things. I will also tell you that every day I am hopeful; that my presence and willingness to stay, is evidence of my own path manifested by my own sobriety. I appreciate you and your carpet. Thank you so very much for pushing me, cajoling me, and “calling me out on the carpet”.

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      2. My pleasure, Judy. I have a ten-year-old who has some general awareness of my history and my wife’s history; we used to hide it from her, but no longer. Most people keep these issues secret from most people and for good reason; stigma remains pervasive, powerful, and hazardous. Still, those of us willing and able to raise our voices may be able to lessen stigma for all of us: such is my hope.

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  2. I just saw on Twitter about the “Price is Right”… I cannot watch the show without thinking of a guy, a psych patient, who I took care of as a nursing student. He was in and out of the “locked ward”… he thought his story, his depression was due to losing on that show. Spent years in and out of the system. I was afraid of him until I sat at the table and spoke to him. I was fascinated by “him and his story”. Funny, I think my oldest child knows of this. I’ve told her this story (I think).

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      1. Stories we tell ourselves aren’t lies exactly, and I can’t know someone’s​ mind I never met, of course. Rationalizations: are they lies? We try to explain things when often, there is no explanation: that’s hard to take.


  3. Did I ever mention how expensive methadone is… and the withdraw from methadone is the most horrible thing physically, that I have ever, ever, experienced. Thank you Lord for getting me over that mess!

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  4. Truth… my own experience there was…. not so great. I found management to be “unsupportive”… You’d think, that since I disclosed the fact that I was on a methadone maintenance program (yep, I said it), that I would have had the opportunity to pee and prove that I was sleepy working nights because I WAS TAKING METHADONE…. yep. I said it. Therein is the truth. I was fired Greg. Management spent approx. 17 days gathering evidence (speaking to every nurse in the ICU)…. then I was called in to “face” my charges. Medicine discrepancies? no. Patient or physician complaints? nope. Working 12 hour shifts, at night, and they didnt like me taking my 2 (15 min) breaks, and the 30 minute lunch? Oh… I was caught smoking a E-cigarette in the parking garage. But I wont dwell in the “could have, should have, would have”, That was only my experience. I’m hopeful that its not reflective to the rest of that hospital. I will not trash that hospital, because that is only “my experience” there. I’ll continue to say it’s a great hospital. It has private rooms for everyone. The nurses i worked with were pretty good (nice to my face/a friend nursing supervisor clued me in to the fact that while they may be nice to my face, they didnt like me). Cliques suck in nursing. I hope the leader of cliques “knows the role” of having a healthy work environment.

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      1. Its good though. I’ll continue to say nice stuff about that hospital because my experience there is my experience…. I doesn’t make it a “bad hospital”… on the contrary. Luckily, I didn’t do social media then… haha. I picked up the pieces on went on… just as I’m doing today.

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