Good “of the Day” #9: Damn Those Odds

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Some things are too important to accept defeat or give up. Only you can choose what they are, and only you can stick to them when it gets hard. Persistence is about an important an ingredient to success as there is, my friend:

Damn Those Odds


      1. Greg, I’ve been a nurse a long, long time. And, I don’t want to take myself out the game or “nursing world”. I cuss, I laugh, and I have so much to offer… the list of “do’s and dont’s” is exhaustive…. life, nursing, raising kids, addiction, navigating life on lifes terms is difficult. Being grateful, proud yet humble; staying in the game…. I’m just glad for that. Being able to contribute to my children, nursing, single moms… have you any idea how difficult that is?

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  1. Greg, Did I find you or did you find me? Anyway, I did exactly as I had planned. You still never answered me… did you expose your own faults, or was it a jumbled mess (like mine)?

    Sincerely, Judy

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