Good “of the Day” #6: Create something today

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Sometimes – let’s be honest, usually – we hesitate too much. We wait for perfection before we try anything new. Perfection never happens in the real world: it’s an abstract idea not found in nature, anywhere, ever. So it follows logically: if we wait for perfect conditions, for certain success, what happens? Logic and experience agree: nothing happens, except for more waiting and lost opportunities, lost time, gone forever.

Besides, often the only practical way to improve what you have to offer involves trying your idea out in practice, learning as you go, learning from the best teacher there has ever been, experience. Yet we dither, play it safe, wait for something that will never happen, perfection. We think, talk, and dither, when DOING is the only real way forward.

Get off the fence. When has anything good or useful happened there?

Oh, and look at the pic that inspired this rant:

Create something today

Agree? Why, or why not? Get off the fence, right?

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