What do Nurses do? It’s Important!

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What do Nurses do?

What a great question! At first glance, it seems too obvious to bother about, yet it’s not so easy to articulate the whole. Try it, and you’ll see! We do LOTS of things, and we each do different things for different reasons, but a summary statement that applies to us all? That’s hard! Unsurprisingly, most people outside of nursing have a poor understanding of nurses. They only know what they see, and we often do little to educate them about all that other important stuff they don’t see. It sets us back as a profession: we can do better!

In this post, Beth Hawkes, MSN provides some interesting discussions and answers:

What do Nurses do? | BSNtoMSN.org

What do you think?


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    Hope you guys are having a good or at least decent week-end.

    I’m settling into my new living situ pretty well…kinda nice to be part of the family even with the commitments that seem inherent!

    Talk soon, Beth

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