Good “of the Day” #1: What Would YOU Tell the BBC?

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I got some great suggestions for this series’ title. Thanks, everybody! I came up with a couple myself, but I’ve chosen one offered by mercedesmosaics“a manager of mine would end our weekly meetings asking if anyone had a ‘good of the day’ to share and the good of the day could be anything – you got a new puppy, your kid got a good grade, you had a pic of your awesome garden at home you wanted to show – whatever, just as long as it was a ‘good’. Maybe your different things would fit under a similar type title that evokes the positive feeling you’re wanting to get at with your fun, pic or quote postings.”

It’s simple, it’s obvious in retrospect, and hopefully it will help keep me on track. I’ve also decided to combine this series with Fun “of the Day.” I might offer more than one a day, might offer less sometimes, but one is far more sustainable than two.

Thanks, mercedesmosaics!

That all said, one of my favorite goods is speaking out to make a difference, especially when it comes to mental health stigma. Stigma creates much of the isolation and suffering, perhaps sometimes even more than the illnesses do in of themselves. In any case, to the extent we erode stigma, we also save lives and ease much suffering. That’s good, right? Very good!

Here’s an example. Read, then tell me what you think:

I’m off to the BBC about Mental Health- Share Your View!

What would YOU say about mental health, given such a large audience?

I love your comments! Please, take a moment & share.

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