Nurse Superheroes, Part 4: Hurray!

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Time to release some more great ideas from my Green Room: Hurray! I LOVE nurses’ great ideas, don’t you? For today, we’ll go with five I think:
1) Rahj N Kat Willenborg on Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner:The Cat from Cat in the Hat… he knew how to play, have fun, and still get work done on a deadline!” He had some fun – EXCELLENT persuasion skills! – made a mess, regrouped, cleaned it all up, never lost his cool. Awesome! His assistants, though? Maybe not… 
I love the original...
        I love the original…
I'm a Mike Myers fan, but this one? No. You?
I’m a Mike Myers fan, but this one? No.

2) Chris Waugh on Stop the Silence in Healthcare: “I would be a magic genie with 3 new wishes every day to use on NY patients and coworkers.” I love the powers, not sure about the slave to the Master part or the teeny tiny housing arrangements…

genie-aladdin---google-search (1)

3) GuerrillaNurse commenting on the Big Red Carpet: “I have decided I will be Glenda, the Good Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.” She took her time, and her choice was well worth the wait!
Remember when TWOOz was  an annual event? I sure do...
Remember when TWOOz was an annual event? I sure do…
4) Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN on Next Wave Connect: “The Energizer Bunny. I used to be able to go and go and go and go and go and… you get the picture. I loved running around the unit, as charge nurse, organizing everything and coming up with a grand master plan for how the shifts would flow.” Yes! I’m the Energizer Bunny too – but emitting lightning and other nonsense and good stuff all around me 😉
5) Barbara C. Phillips, NP, FAANP on Next Wave Connect offers, “LOL…I have been racking my brain about this and came here to say I’d love to be the Energizer Bunny, but I see Elizabeth has already claimed her! So as runner up, I’ll claim Buffy the Vampire Slayer because I want to slay the vampires that drain all of us of our power to do the amazing work we all are meant to do!” I love it: a comic classic!
            Kill the undead, STAT!
P.S.: Prior posts in this series, FYI 😉 Yeah, I know, I’m shameless…
P.S.S. : More ideas, people, STAT! MORE MORE MORE!!!

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