Nurses Superheros: Good Fun!

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This post is the third in a series that will last as long as the great ideas keep rolling in.

I like to help nurses have some fun, think outside that darn box, use their creativity, strut their stuff. Nurses are crucial problem-solvers in a health care system that can’t manage without us. Our patients depend on us to get the job done when the How isn’t obvious, even when official systems don’t provide a How, even when official systems seem designed to thwart us. When such a job needs to be done, most professions walk away: Not My Problem. We nurses are the ones to find a way and do it. So, you see, silly projects like this one have a practical side too: creativity takes practice, and problem-solving requires creativity. So here we are: as I hoped and expected, the responses have been fantastic! We’re not just the heart of health care: we’re also a big chunk of the brain, and we’ve long let docs and the public pretend otherwise. It’s generous to give so much credit away, and it also badly sets us back as a profession. But that’s for another day: let’s have some fun!

Geri Cintolo of Massachusetts suggests, “Nancy Drew. She wore frocks, drove a roadster, was independently wealthy, and ran around solving mysteries.” Geri’s thinking is similar to mine. I picked Batman, and his look, car, toys and wealth, and independent problem-solving were all factors in my choice.


Karen Warf Perkins on Stop the SiIence in Health Care says hers “would be my cat, Chesterfield. He can be loving and aloof at the same time without being rude. He can ignore you and it doesn’t bother you or make you mad. People love him and always want him close. He rarely gets in trouble and minds his own business.” He sounds like an excellent role model!

Linda Roemer on Medical Improv: “OK I’ve changed mine. I like the roadrunner, the cartoon character.” Roadrunner is fast, friendly, and never loses, ever! Wile E Coyote throws every product in the Acme catalog into his obsessive quest to catch Roadrunner and fails every single time. The greatest part id the effortlessness of it, the calm, the confidence. Wonderful choice, Linda!

Click for more!
Click for more!
“Greg, cute and clever questions! My nursing theme song would be Bob Dylan’s, ‘Knocking on Heavens Door.’ He’s also my superhero, by the way!” My first ever project-straddler: an alter-ego AND a theme song! I’m impressed! Imagine Bob Dylan wading into a workplace, singing and playing…

Beth Hayden on Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner offers, “Jean-Luk Picard (Star Trek Next Generation). Such wisdom and insight, he rarely lost his cool and he got the Enterprise (talk about cool toys)!” Absolutely! Commute solved: transporter! Delegation? “Make it so.” Nice! In your honor, Beth, and the Captain’s too, of course, as Blog King I officially declare today Captain Picard Day. I even found a suitable video 😉


Ah, the power of imagination… and YouTube. Thanks, everyone, and enjoy Captain Picard Day as you see fit. I trust your judgment on the matter: you’re a nurse, right?
What about you, gentle reader? What alter-ego would YOU enjoy bringing to work?

I love your comments! Please, take a moment & share.

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