38 years later, burn victim reunites with nurse – CNN.com

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Thanks to China Dolly and the New York State Nurses Association for this inspiring story:

38 years later, burn victim reunites with nurse – CNN.com:

38 years later, burn victim reunites wi_ - http___www.cnn.com_2015_09_29_health

FireShot Capture - 38 years later, burn victim reunites wi_ - http___www.cnn.com_2015_09_29_health

Do you have any stories to tell? We’d love to hear them and share them – Greg


  1. While listening to this article, the nurse says this is a great way to end a career. That is really sweet. Unfortunately for many of us , our career is ending on quit the sour note. Victims of the Arizona Board of Nursing. For what reason? while our stories remain slightly different the pattern is all to the same. Nurse speaks up hospital puts in false complaint BON goes on a witch hunt. Things that a ethical attorney would never take a case for , the free atty for the BON do. The main one now is Elizabeth Campbell. prosecutorial misconduct is rampant.
    But something else that stood out in the article is POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA .
    (that is how she found the nurse) And this is how we expose this corruption. The BON had web site ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION TAKEN DOWN .
    AZ BON is not used to their being the center of public humiliation. Karma!

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    1. I agree with you about AZBON. I’ve been an an occasional thorn in their side for a few years now. Fortunately, it does not seem likely that thy can reach out to MA as squash me the way they used to doing. My permanent blog page and many posts have described evidence of deep and pervasive corruption and nurse abuse at AZBON. They haven’t tried to shut me down: I’d consider it a sign of progress if they did. Few nurses are willing to touch this topic our of fear, or because they’d rather pretend such things don’t happen, that all nurse reports of abuse are lies. It’s a tough road to seek such systemic change, but I’ll keep at is as long as I can. Thanks for your input: I plan to post it on My Sunlight Project page with all the others. Hopefully at some point we can attract enough attention and gather enough motivation to make change happen. It won’t happen without nurses making change unavoidable. I’m optimistic because optimism is the only way forward. Again, thanks, and I’d love to hear any ideas you might have about​ moving forward.


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