Study Confirms What We Knew All Along: Nurses Are Key to Hospital Success

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Have you thanked a nurse lately? You’ll want to after reading this.

Source: Study Confirms What We Knew All Along: Nurses Are Key to Hospital Success.

Any thoughts?


  1. It’s about time someone stated the obvious, nurses are the ones who keep a hospital running! All too often hospitals demand more of nurses to “increase patient satisfaction,” or “help decrease infection rates,” but never give us the resources or authority to do so, so it doesn’t happen and then they wonder why nothing has changed (definition of insanity?). Instead of hiring more nurses, they tell us to suck it up and do our jobs because a couple more nurses just aren’t in the budget (off my soap box now 😊 ). Great find, definitely sharing!

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    1. Hopefully, the push for more performance-based pay will help. So far it has led mostly to games and fraud. Nursing conditions will improve only when we eliminate any other option, make it unavoidable, force the issue in short. No law will protect us; we must make it so. Thanks for your support – Greg


  2. HAHAHA I can’t believe they needed to do a study to confirm what we all know, but I guess a lot of people really take nurses for granted. The healthcare system around the world would totally fall to pieces without the tireless efforts of nurses. I thanked a nurse earlier today, and asked her to pass on my thanks to another one.

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