The Snot: Boehner to Seek Refugee Status Within Health Care Industry

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Washington, D.C.: Speaker John A. Boehner called a press conference to update the press about his plans after resigning as leader of the US House of Representatives. The Speaker described a tentative plan to seek refugee status within the Health Care industry: “I’ve talked to lobbyists from the ICC (Incompetent Coder Coalition). They assure me that this industry offers protected status to good folks like myself who insist on solid wages and benefits  while getting little or nothing useful done and/or generally getting in the way.  We’re also discussing a possible leadership position in the ICC, given our shared values and my proven track record.”

In other news, Health Care Industry border guards have reportedly lost control over security as waves of refugees pour in to demand payment: incompetent coders, organized crime figures from Pharma and other gangs, and others. We will continue to closely watch both breaking stories and provide updates as new developments arise…


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