The Snot: World’s Incompetent Coders Seek Refugee Status Within Health Care

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Not THAT Clueless!
Not THAT Clueless!

Breaking News:

The world’s’ incompetent and/or hopelessly lazy computer coders and Electronic Medical Record (EMR, aka EHR) companies continue to overwhelm the health care industry’s border controls to demand refugee status. Such status apparently includes guaranteed and lucrative work producing dangerously outdated, inefficient, and surreally ineffective software that wastes healthcare providers’ time and endangers patient safety and privacy. Providers’ security measure seems to have broken down completely in many locations, with a devastating impact on staff and patients alike.

As a desperate response, clinicians including nurses and physicians have sent a designated representative to the United Nations to demand a prompt Resolution condemning this severe and persistent attack on health care quality, efficiency, and patient safety. The designated representative has also been tasked with seeking UN approval for Peace Keepers to prevent such parasitic coders and EMR/EHR firms and their health care management allies from continuing to prey on innocent providers and patients.

The EMR industry has countered with its own representative. In a press conference, he insisted that anyone who expects quality coding in health care is clearly Anti-Technology, Anti-Progress, Pro-Competence and thus Anti-Incompetence, Pro-Efficiency and thus Anti-Waste, Pro-Quality and thus Anti-Crap, Pro-User and Pro-Patient and thus Anti-Management. He added that such dangerous enemies of “our sweet deal” have no place in the Profit (aka “Health Care”) Industry, and must be promptly crushed, preferably in an extremely slow, wasteful, inefficient, awkward, and unreliable manner consistent with industry standards.

In other news:

Anonymous hackers, in a show of public service, have reportedly saved many lives since they began providing unfettered and clearly organized (“the original data was such a mess!”) access to all the health care data the EMR industry also reported it is fully able to also provide, except at the moment and until further notice, and which they also claim remains completely secure “except for inevitable losses for which we are entirely not responsible as determined by us. Get used to it.”

EMR representatives added that their past repeated successes at securing all stored data after each successive and increasingly massive breach/theft clearly proves the merit of their claims of total security moving into the future:

“After each increasingly massive loss, we have consistently been able to keep our data fully secure until the next massive theft, consistently.”

In other news:

Incompetent Public Relations workers and firms have increasingly overwhelmed border controls and demanded refugee status with paid work within the EMR industry. Updates to follow…

(EMR industry representatives did not respond to our request for comments. Their recorded messages indicated that their servers are guaranteed reliable and are also down for some unspecified duration for obscure reasons “that are obviously not our fault as determined by us,” consistent with industry standards and practices. )


      1. Far more can be learned, and thus taught, than most people imagine. There are limits of course, in all things, but the only way to find them is to try and push past them and see how far you get. Most people imagine where they are instead, and sell themsleves short that way. By that kind of thinking humans wouldn’t have fire yet, yes?

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      2. Exactly! And I also think that it does not help that my generation and my children’s generation have the feeling of entitlement because of participation awards and trophies. Nope-get out there and do it! Discover your amazing abilities and capabilities!! And it doesn’t help we are all technologically bombarded with too much new better faster-when it’s not really more “advanced” than the last thing. And don’t get me started on the Kardashian Worship (lol) Bigger and faster isn’t always better, and with all the smarties proving the lack of securities with the “latest and greatest” and the corporations inability to admit there’s a problem on proves we are a “it’s their fault not ours” society and nation…sad

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      3. Adults offer unhealthy doses of fear. We fear our children going outside, despite the violent crime rate being far lower than it was when I was a kid. We fear kids feeling bad about themsleves, despite having survived plenty of it ourselves. We erect a bubble around our kids, protective, controlling and cushy, despite the obvious problem: the bubble does much to prevent them learning how to live and thrive and survive without it, and they’ll have it leave it, soon. But past generations have also screwed up, and humaniy managed to survive. So it goes.

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      4. True about it all. I’m a “free range” parent apparently by letting my children explore grow and live. None of the bubble stuff here! How can the next great inventor or Nobel prize winner grow if they can’t LIVE life?? And don’t get me started on germs lol. I ate dirt and turned out fine-well, mostly fine. If they can manage without running water and toilets in the 18th century kids these days can go without electronicals! I’m moving to a farm.

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  1. In the Netherlands the government has a disastrous track record with IT and ICT. Billions of Euros have been wasted because civil cervants and management do not want to or are not allowed to have their own IT-departments for development and maintenance.

    The IT and ICT companies know this, ask more money and deliver either something good or less than good. There is a knowledge and skill gap between the government employees and private companies. That gap exists until the government goes D.I.Y. or/and when the private companies step up their efforts.

    The companies are flexible and can adapt their products and services. The government is often stuck in its rigid systems and keep throwing money away.

    In your situation it seems that companies keep delivering below acceptable products and services which require follow up maintenance and development which keeps the companies in the picture. Well then, D.I.Y. or learn that those companies want to survive too.

    I would create a budget for an IT-team to become less dependent. Do it yourself when you have no other option. There are plenty or young people you can recruit.

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    1. We have allowed IT shills sell us the notion that all new products are progress. It allows crap to sell and make huge $, but only in a corrupt environment. In government, such is also a given without diligent citizen oversite often not present. In health care, buyers are not users, which takes the idea of a free market and turns it into a sick joke. Patients pay the heaviest price. The firms and their minions try to convince us that anyone who thinks a Yugo or a Chevette is a crappy car is anti-car, when the reality, of course, is that any rational adult is anti-crap. Hopefully, we can manage to motivate far more adults to act as such and not as sheep and children. Responsible, alert, informed, savvy. Victims no more. Thanks for your support and ideas.


    2. In American health care, if you try to DIY you get fired and/or suppressed by managers who don’t care enough about outcomes to pay attention to them or their purchases, They do pay exquisitely detailed attention to anyone threatening their monopoly on IT power, and they are quite motivated in that context. Unless you want to open up your own institution, DIY isn’t much of an option, as you only need it in the situations in which it is most dangerous and unlikely to succeed. We need a way to make users and buyers become one. I’ve managed to attract repeated hostility and interference re most potential innovations, but I have not yet found a path to that destination.


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