Nurses, Closure, Miss Colorado, and The View

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I did!

As a nurse, I have to offer my sincere thanks to the folks at The View and the Miss America Pageant. I’m surprised as anyone to see myself offer those words, but it’s true. I’ve watched both shows very little and not by my choice at that. These two programs have never seemed worth my time or attention.

Fair enough, but how did I do go from ignoring them to publicly thanking them? It’s been such an interesting week! First, Miss Colorado offered a nice monolog about being a nurse, a rare gem in a desolate landscape. Second, folks on The View thoughtlessly made some clueless and superficial remarks, hardly unusual for them. In this case, though they disrespected Miss Colorado and all nurses. If they’re half as dumb as they made themselves sound, then it might be unfair to blame them for their words. My first response was not to care much. Dumb TV is dumb TV: no surprise there and easily avoided. Then I considered how rich a teachable moment it might be, and how potentially motivating to nurses, so I published a quick post: Miss Colorado Versus The View: She Matters. They Don’t.

The response was far greater than I expected. I’m still a teeny tiny player in blog land, but that post was my second most popular ever, and it was mostly just a collection of other people’s comments. Wow! So I figured, what next? This issue has fired nurses up and got us speaking out and standing up for ourselves in a way I find very encouraging. Hence my thanks. Clueless disrespect causes us little harm. In this case, we gained motivation and a public interest in learning more about nursing.

Back to what next: these opportunities usually don’t last long, so I did something a bit rash. Without getting much feedback first – no time! – I proposed a plan to generate some drama and draw even more attention to this issue in Flush the View: Here’s How. It was a goofy plan and not especially classy, but it was the best I could come up with in the little time I gave myself, and it seemed particularly suited to my target audience: producers and viewers of dumb TV news shows. I made the proposal partly to gauge the potential reaction, and partly to buy time during a very busy work week.

As I described in that post, my hope was to spark a campaign. One guy doing a dumb stunt has little if any impact: lots of people doing the same thing is a different matter entirely. I knew it would be controversial and displease some people. As it turns out, feedback from nurses, friends, and family has been overwhelmingly negative. I can’t say I’m surprised: I knew all along I was going far out on a limb. It’s hardly useful to upset and alienate nurses over a failed campaign that only gives The View a little bit more attention and a way to look like victims. It also occurred to me that in the crazy times we live in, there might be some legal implications to sending chocolate pudding in the mail posing as poop… In short, I’ve changed my mind, and that seems a good thing for all involved. Live and learn, right?

I’m short on ideas and time, so I’m sending a letter instead. Being responsible can be so boring! I sent it to ABC’s Feedback Page. I encourage you to do the same: it’s quick and easy. I plan to send it via snail mail as well, as snail mail generally has more impact. American Broadcast Company’s headquarters is located at Columbus Avenue and West 66th Street in New York City. Here’s mine:

“Regarding the negative comments made about Miss Colorado on The View and later apologies, I’m not angry about the disrespect the hosts offered all nurses. I’m curious. The hosts came across as clueless, superficial, remarkably uninformed, and frankly too dumb to take seriously. Is that appearance consistent with your desired corporate image? As a blogger and nurse, I’m interested in your plans after offering such weak content.”

I also found a frequently updated list of show sponsors. Depending their decision to drop the show or not, I sent all firms on the list one of two messages:

I’m curious about your sponsorship of The View, in light of the disrespect the show has shown nurses recently. Many other firms have left the show already. Any news? #‎YouSupportUsWeSupportYou,” or 

Thanks for the respect you have shown nurses. #‎YouSupportUsWeSupportYou .”

You can find many interesting nurses discussing this and other topics at

I urge you to do the same. Let’s keep up the good work, show the world we deserve and expect respect, educate the public about our profession, and back each other up as needed, just like we did this week.



  1. It made life interesting for a week and it consolidated a lot of people who wouldn’t normally have gotten together & much more importantly I think it showed across the board that Nursing in general is at a transition point. I don’t see this groundswell reaction occurring from Nurses 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. As a profession we were ‘used’ to ‘being treated quite rough’ by many other identified Groups, Physcians (the bad ones, the verbally/physically abusive ones) & their protective Agencies; Health Administrations both Medical and Non-Medical; Other Licensed Bodies, it was open season on Nursing for quite some time. But none of this is News to you.

    I think that time has come and gone, there was an interesting letter posted by one of Canada’s top Nurse’s in CNA expressing his frustration (Michael Villeneuve by name) in it he listed a half a dozen Big Ticket problems facing HealthCare World-Wide & us in Canada as well, I remember attempts to organize the CNA Members into a Political Action Force, well maybe that’s to strong let’s say Interest Group, not quite a zero response the usual ‘I want to change the world’ showed up, said what they usually said shook hands, had coffee and went on their way. Then we have this, a fluff piece four talking heads (at this point three because a rather obviously enraged but silent Raven said nothing at the obligatory, ‘OF COURSE WE LOVE NURSES NOW STOP MESSING WITH OUR BUSINESS 5 MINUTE PARTY.’ This slight blip in the life of a Nurse, has mobilized the masses, people across the board are yes, mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

    So this has been a week without compare. More importantly a lot of people who receive good money could not have predicted this response. All the Trends Analysis, Tracking Tools & Quality Analysis and every other measurement we’re vested and committed to would never be able to pick this up. So if you have all these resources, manpower & one of your goals is to develop a process by which you can ascertain how to trigger something like this, and you discover you’ve been looking for the wrong thing, wrong place with the wrong tools what does that mean for your outcome monitoring? There are folks who live for the day that Nursing can surge forward stop being everybody’s servant and demand our rightful spot on the pedestal with the rest but close to the Physician Group & definitely above…. Yeah, I’m not one of those.

    I’ve never apologized to anybody for being a Nurse, my thing is, was and hopefully will be clinical. So I’m happy & best working where I can most improve outcomes for my staff/residents/clients. There is an opportunity here but it’s one that could easily be squandered and I’m interested to see what will become of these initial efforts, in less than a week an essentially loosely associated (Job Class/Schooling/Work Division) band of workers were able to: 1) Captivate Social Media with their Concern
    2) Influence the Producers of one the Original Big Three ABC to air an apology within 24hrs, and an apology segment on one of their scheduled Live tapings within 96hrs
    3) Able to influence a host of major Advertisers to publicly withdraw their Ads from the show and to advertise that they were doing that.

    Now this has been quite the week, for example say for years you were all are trying to climb a mountain, there is absolutely no question this mountain can be climbed; there are so many different teams they all come to Town and set up camp. They come into Town with shiny equipment & flags flying; everyone is smiling & full of great optimism; they gather their equipment & charts and start off right where they failed last year…. So if a new team arrives and they decide to start somewhere else & they’re successful. EVERYBODY ALWAYS HAD THAT CHANCE TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH THAT PROJECT. It is going to be interesting around here for the next while, glad I’m still around for the Transition Stage, always liked Butterflies. Thanks for your coverage during the week Greg, I started my day here then whisked around the other sites to see what was up it was a very satisfying moment when I read the feedback on the Apology Segment & saw that Nurses weren’t buying it, the New Day has dawned lets see who the sun choses to shine upon.-Keith

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    1. Thanks for your interest & support. My sense with social media is success is very difficult to predict or create, and there’s a large element of luck involved. Interest will wane quickly; it always does. Hopefully, we can hold on to some of the enthusiasm & unity and build on that. I’m putting The View back on the shelf where I keep clueless, superficial people with nothing useful to offer, until perhaps they manage to screw up again – they have a talent for that – and another opportunity arises. They stumbled and bumbled their way into accidentally doing nurses a great service; much of the lesson, alas, involves crushing them like media bugs. We’ve learned something here: I hope we’ve done enough financial damage to TV that all media folks will respect us or at least fear us. It will help us down the road – Greg


  2. Good post. I heard that the hosts made additional stupid comments after the apology. It doesn’t appear they meant the apology. Nurses are great and we all better respect them because we either have or will need them some time in our lives. Keep up the good work.

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