Let’s Have A Nurse Party That Never Ends!!! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

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We’ve had some great fun with the Nurse Theme Song idea, haven’t we? We’ve gathered 74 songs so far, you and me have: Nurses’ Playlist: ALL the Theme Songs So Far.  More await in my Green Room. I’m pleased and proud for the inspiring musical gathering we’ve produced together. Over a month into it, though, I worry it’s starting to get a little stale, perhaps. No need for that! I want to tweak this project just a bit, add some new spices, reinvent a little, turbocharge, set off some fireworks, spread wings, find some great new places to dance and new people to dance with. That sort of thing. Fair enough? I’m more than happy to keep posting whatever song ideas you offer, but I’m going to start offering some new theme ideas. First, though, I plan to shamelessly plug some music I love, doing what I can to justify my choices. It’s Greg’s Music Day!

(Psst! Here’s a tip: You get to pull that kind of self-indulgent crap when you run your own blog. It’s a sweet deal! Our secret, OK? Thanks. If other bloggers hear that I’m giving away our secrets, they might send the Unpaid Blog Thugs… THEY USE CAPS and do other scary stuff…)

How many tunes today? Exactly that many. I set a number, tweaked it, tripled it, then cut off a bunch for later. It’s very scientific!

Let’s go!

  1. Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin. I used to listen to a lot of Zeppelin, so there’s a nostalgia factor going on with this pick. I heard it in the car on the way home from work today, and it wasn’t even in a cheesy commercial: nice! (Editor’s Note: English has some serious flaws. Clearly, “Cheesy” should mean being like cheese: delicious & irresistible. We messed that one up. Not my fault!)

Communication breakdown: that’s par for the course in most hospitals, isn’t it? But not nearly the fun unless you go far off the reservation, as I often do to keep up staff and patient morale. That’s my excuse for offering this gem. Wait for Jimmy Paige’s guitar solo: it makes the whole trip worthwhile, and the entire song is under three minutes long:

I have no idea what the symbols mean, and everything I know after decades with this band tells me it’s not worth finding out…

2. Every Breath You Take – The Police:


Listen to the lyrics or read them on the screen the link shows. This song describes power and control, not romance: it’s about ownership of another human being, stalking them, plotting. Very creepy. Bad Sting!

Sociopaths account for roughly one to four in a hundred people in all walks of life. You encounter them every day. Reassuring, isn’t it not? They easily hide in plain site: having neither empathy nor a conscience helps. Total immunity to guilt: imagine that. VERY creepy. These days we frame it as an illness; historically it’s been framed as evil. Read about them, then you tell me. Here’s a quick read by an expert: I highly recommend it. These are people from whom you badly need to know how to protect yourself:


My take? I see real-life vampires walking among us, shamelessly treating the rest of us like cattle. Our suffering is their entertainment, and we matter only to the extent we serve their needs. Every nurse has met this guy, the center of the universe who doesn’t interact with people but uses them instead, who tells lies as easily as rivers flow, who eagerly builds a dark bubble of suffering and woe that follows him wherever he goes. We nurses deal with all walks of life, and all sorts of people. At least in psychiatric work, not rarely do you encounter folks who have learned three lessons. One: a paid audience tolerates far more of their toxic nonsense. Two, arranging a hospital admission gets them a paid audience that can’t run away or punch them like everyone else. Three, it’s easy to lie your way into an admission. It’s a small fraction of the patient population, and it’s not always the whole reason for an admission, but sometimes it’s clearly a factor. Sociopathy does not involve ambition, necessarily, or intelligence or talent. Some sociopaths are smart and ambitious and become CEOs or Dick Cheneys. Others are satisfied with an audience that notices they exist, any audience, on any terms. Lengths of stay triple the average are common: the model seems to be to never willingly give up a free gift, to say and do anything to keep it. Imagine your life revolving around finding ways to force people to tolerate your abuse… Have you ever met such a person? It’s sad indeed when your best con gets you a brief stay on a psych ward.

3. Land of Confusion: Genesis: This one reminds me of the dark side of hospitals, and all the heroic staff efforts to make hospitals serve people desperate their best efforts not to. It’s also a creative video from the heyday of the medium. MTV was Music Television then, imagine that! Wait for the end: “That’s one heck of a nurse!” Wait for it!


4. Ball of Confusion – Love and Rockets: Clearly I’m stuck on this theme: I kind of stumbled into it. Plus, this is a great 80s band that never quite made it very big. There’s no big hair quite like 80s big hair! “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, vote for me and I’ll set you free!”


4b. Ball of Confusion – The Temptations: Surprise, surprise! Who knew it was a cover tune? Not me, until I found the original today:


5. (Or 6 if you didn’t buy the b thing above. I’m on the fence myself…) Money – Pink Floyd. This is the only traditional single the record company forced the band to add to the single most impressive piece of rock art every recorded, Dark Side of the Moon. If there’s a justification to drop everything and run and buy a turntable, right now, this album on vinyl is that justification. I suspect it may have sold more ALBUMS than every autotuned young cheerleader/model/singer this century put together has sold SONGS, combined. It was among the top 100 selling albums week after week for years – YEARS! – despite having no breaks between songs. Each song blended into the next for an entire side… except for one song, Money. The record company demanded a radio-friendly single: compromise.

In health care, we’ve compromised far more deeply. Don Corleone, er, Money took Health Care into an alley and made it an offer it couldn’t refuse. It took over, and the health and the care have gotten second banana status ever since. What else matters more than money in our “health care” system? Nothing: certainly not health, and certainly not patients. We nurses do our best for patients in a system now designed for maximal waste and corruption, er, maximal profit and profit. A nurse that gets in the way of waste and corruption very badly risks a permanent career change. You don’t mess with Don Profit! Pharma alone makes Al Capone look like a cute kid with a lemonade stand…

Don Money, er Corleone…
pink-floyd---money-official-music-video---youtube (1)
Far more honest than any health insurance company…
Full album. Listen in a dark room with sunglasses on, as I did after track practice in high school. Vinyl is best… Drugs commonly involved too, although I skipped that part.

6. or 7., take your pick which: Paranoid – Black Sabbath. Take it as you will. If you trust the American health care system as a patient or employee, you’re every con man ‘s best friend: an easy mark. Let the buyer beware…


7. or 8.: Jump Into The Fire – Harry Nilsson. Music helps take the sting out of the dark side of life, but let’s end on a happy note. This tune is PERFECT!  In the 80s, my crowd spent a lot of time listening to stuff from the 70s. No (***shiver***) disco!!! I was 5 when then one came out. I heard a local band called O Positive cover it in a tiny club north of Boston in the 80 or 90s, and only later discovered the original. Played live in a small venue it was pure bliss distilled: it makes me smile and feel the warmth of it just typing these words decades later.


The only music moment as good that I can recall was U2 in the Dome at Syracuse on the Joshua Tree tour. Slightly bigger crowd ;). U2 was still cool then: young, hungry, eager for you to listen, vulnerable. They didn’t lecture you then or act like they were world leaders. Here’s a funny story from a recent U2 show: I don’t know if it actually happened, but it tells a truth.

Bono tells the crowd at a show in Scotland that every time he claps, a child in Africa dies, as he claps every few seconds. Audience member: “Well then stop fucking clapping then, right?” Keith Richards wrote that Mick Jaggers’ problems often stemmed from the need for a band’s frontman to believe he’s a god on stage and convince the audience of it, and then remember he’s just a guy after the show. All that back and forth, show after show, and sometimes the god thing gets out of hand. Put some bad sunglasses on it, and that’s aging Bono in a nutshell.  I’ll stick to 80s Bono…

Unlike Pink Floyd, Aging U2 forced YouTube to silence audio.

Awesome gets so overused, but U2 in 80s Syracuse was awesome: there was a lot of awe going around. I was too far in the back to even recognize the band, but the sound washed over me and ran right through me. Awesome! With O Positive, on the other hand, me and my friends had fun with the band at a batting cage waiting for the show to start. The biggest problem while they played? Trying not to spill beer on any of them or mess up their playing. If you got jostled in the front row, and you did get jostled constantly – there were no seats – you risked elbowing one of them. Another flavor of awesome!

               O Positive!

New themes!  I promised new themes. I have quite a few ideas and I’m open to your theme suggestions, but here’s three to start:

  1. Bad Day at Work,
  2. Awesome Day at Work,
  3. Docs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…
  4. Best Patients,
  5. Worst Patients,
  6. Success!
  7. Failure!
  8. The Thrill of Victory!
  9. The Agony of Defeat!
  10. Pain,
  11. Joy,
  12. Death,
  13. Birth,
  14. Heroes,
  15. Villians…
  16. Arriving,
  17. Leaving,

OK, not just three. They just came pouring out of me! I blame society…

Do we a favor, OK?

More songs, please! And maybe, just maybe, even more themes. Let’s Have A Nurse Party That Never Ends!!!


  1. I like your spin on being a nurse and our profession! It is so fun to look at these songs in a different light! I am a huge fan of U2 and enjoyed their last concert that played here! Crazy story about their concert in Scotland….

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  2. I never really knew the words EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE -The Police was about a sociopath stalking behavior. Very interesting. “know one of those people that forces people to tolerate your abuse”? unfortunately yes.
    Some things I have learned, about these types people / patients. They are very calculated, very smooth talkers who never miss a beat. At first you are “impressed” by their attentiveness , . they are good listeners and hang on every word. Study you to figure out what pushes your buttons so they can make themselves into that person. Probing for vulnerabilities in a calculated seduction. To get what they want, they use intentional exploitation. They may seem charming and charismatic, have an appealing energy and excitement. they will try to get you to ‘make promises” . If I walk in the hall one time you’ll give me dilaudid, PROMISE? It is a trap.
    They try to get you to talk about yourself, and they memorize they names of your children, and will use it later. Nothing is ever their fault, they are broke, “my ex took all the money”. always blame others . Never any remorse for anything they do. If they want to talk about you and your life and personal things don’t go there. They are two legged snakes, want special favors and will turn on you in a heart beat. They cannot lose they resort to playing tit for tat, for the thrill of it, once they get one on you and you bow out they are on to their next target. They use sympathy and can get others in their game in a heartbeat. They can make up a lie in a heartbeat. yes there is a connection with the police, power and control over people.

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    1. Vampires, yes. Beware! Absolutely no joke intended. You can’t depend on humans being humane. We’re by far the most ruthless species on Earth – hence the way we’re killing off all the rest – and sociopaths make the rest of us look like Teddy Bears…

      It always pays to learn about reality, respect it and adapt to it. Those who cut corners in these areas – ruthless species, remember? – might get away with it. Often​ don’t.


  3. I just shared with a group of travel nurses. I’m thinking why not take the party on the road! Ever been to one of those meals where you eat a different course at different houses? Well, travel nurses could take the party from one place to the next!

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