Problems and Solutions for Nurses: Big Red Links #41

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We’ll see how this theme works out on its maiden voyage: let me know, please!

ProblemGroup ranks Montgomery as the most sexually diseased city. What would your guess be?

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Problem and Radical Solution: A Doctor at His Daughter’s Hospital Bed.  What would convince you to do what this father did? In total violation of a hospital’s rules and the law, he broke into a crash cart and gave his daughter 3 liters of IV fluid without any authorization. Here’s the thing: he wasn’t an employee there. HE WAS A VISITOR. His daughter survived; most treated for the same problem in the local area don’t. Imagine the meetings at THAT hospital…


Problem: 15 Things No Nurse Ever Wants to Hear | Nurse Stories. Do you have any items to add to the list? Here’s mine: you’re getting an admission and she’s a nurse (or a doctor, or a lawyer or VIP)…


Problem: Electronic Health Records Harms the Doctor-Patient Relationship. How do EHRs affect your care and your patient interactions? For some reason, people seem to assume that quality coding doesn’t matter in health care, that quality user interfaces don’t matter. We allow people who never use the products do all the purchasing. The result? Mountains of crap that feel decades out of date if you’re used to competently produced software. We could do far, far better. Will we?


Problem: Dust in our homes contains an average of 9,000 different types of fungi and bacteria, a study suggests. 9000! Holy Panic Attack for germophobes, Batman!  Thousands of microbes found in house dust – BBC News:


Problem: Permissive Retaliation all the way up to the BoN and what is costing you. Nurses are foolish to passively leave their rights and livelihoods fully in the power of political appointees accountable to no one. Learn about your states’ Board of Nursing and its track record. Demand accountability and high performance: it’s commonplace in many states to wait over a year to resolve a complaint. It leaves thousands of nurses in unemployed limbo every day: no rights, no recourse, just sudden, extended unemployment that any corrupt manager can inflict on you at will. Many do, every day. When you go to work tomorrow, will you find it it’s happened to you? The topic will certainly seem interesting then, won’t it? We need to gather our strength and stand up for justice, for accountability, for checks and balances, and against corruption. It’s not just a labor issue: it deeply affects patient safety. When corrupt people can easily destroy any nurse who performs her legally mandated reporting duties, no one is safe. What’s your take on this issue?


Solution: Mental health nurses team up with police in ‘street triage’ – BBC News. Imagine how many fewer people would have been killed by police in America if we had such a model in place?


Solution: From a doctor to a nurse: I wouldn’t survive without you:


Solution: Deadlifts, Squats Helping Nurses Build Strength, Coordination. This article reviews the benefits and offers advice on safe technique. Do YOU lift? If so, does it make a difference at work?


Solution: Skilled Connections…the Heart of Nursing | allnurses. People skills are power distilled. It takes years of practice and study to build optimal skills, but  your life starts getting steadily better from the first day you make it a priority. Improvements are permanent. You get more done, with less time and effort, less distress, less hostility and anger, more fun. You hear more “Yes” and less “No.” People do favors for you, let you off the hook when they could really hassle you, show you how to solve your problems easier, introduce you to people who will make your life better. Speeding tickets become warnings. It feels like magic, it really does. Honestly, unless you enjoy failure and suffering, what are you waiting for?


Solution or Problem or Both? Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess examine the impact of OpenNotes on patient safety |… – What’s your take on totally transparent medical records? It’s a rapidly growing trend. Keep this point in mind: the author mentions a “secure website”. Experience has proven over and over that a “secure website” is as real as a unicorn. It’s a pleasing fantasy. Ask all the screwed customers at Ashley Madison about “secure websites.” Ask the NSA, America’s vaunted computer security agency that got badly hacked by someone they trusted to work for them. Ask the US Army: severely hacked. I like the general idea behind OpenNotes, but to put private patient information on computer servers is to plan for them to get stolen by hackers. It will happen: the only questions are when, by whom, and the extent of the damage done.


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