Big Red Links #40 : A Dozen Great Mental Health Links!

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I brought back the “Big Red Links” series because it was getting hard to keep track of these link posts without it. Unlike the past series of the same name, I no longer plan to include three link themes in each post. One theme per post seems to work out better… For today, iI hope to reduce my mental health link backlog. Here we go!

  1. Slipping Away – Jo Aubin is 38 years old, and he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

FireShot Capture 1 - The Best Articles Of The Week_ - http___digg.com_2015_the-long-readers-digest-9

2. 17 Things People With Mental Illness Want Their Significant Others to Know:

FireShot Capture 3 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

3. Sanctuary: Relax, Breathe and Let Go: women give their younger selves advice. Time travel!

FireShot Capture 6 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

4. An Everyday Activity That Boosts Brain Size And Flexible Thinking. What could it be?

FireShot Capture 7 - An Everyday Activity That Boosts Brain_ -

5. Mental Health Nurses Patrol with Police:

FireShot Capture 8 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

6. Swimming Helps an Autistic Teen. Diagnosed at age 3, 17 year-old Charles Cobbert is competing in the swimming nationals at age 17:

FireShot Capture 10 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

7. 10 Books Psychiatric Clinicians Will Love. Do you agree? Any suggestions?

FireShot Capture 14 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

8. Three Ways Your Brain is Weird! Mine offers at least three thousand flavors of weird… How about you?

FireShot Capture 15 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

9. Ten Phobias That Destroy Social Lives:

FireShot Capture 17 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

10. The Genetic ‘Advantage’ to Madness? Common Belief Supported by Study – PsyBlog:

FireShot Capture 19 - Edit Draft — - https___wordpress.com_post_31252668_14685

11. Mental Illnesses Illustrated As Real Monsters By Toby Allen | Bored Panda:

FireShot Capture 20 - Blog Posts ‹ Big_ -

12. A High IQ May Also Have This Mental Cost, Psychologists Find – PsyBlog:

FireShot Capture 21 - Blog Posts ‹ Big_ -

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