Time Travel, and An Award Accepted Via Time Travel

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I travel in time every work day, at least twice. I travel back a decade or two whenever I need to use EMR programs, and come back whenever I use up to date software, say on my phone or computer at home. So, you see, time travel is really rather more commonplace than all the Sci FI folks would have you believe.

That said, sometimes I get tripped up by other software, not just the “We Bought it, but We Don’t Have to Use It, You Do So Suck It Up & All Problems Are Your Fault” typical hospital variety. WordPress has changed its look here and there and has had more problems with bugs and errors lately than it used to: perhaps the two are related. I’m no expert, just a lowly user, and who I am to say that bugs and errors are a bad thing? Perhaps lost files are good for the soul. As I said, I’m no expert.

But, as I so often do, I’ve digressed. Please grant me a moment to collect myself… Ah, yes. Back on track. So I missed a few comments over the last six months, perhaps ten, as I got used to the format changes I didn’t ask for. I’ve been working hard to catch up. So rude not to answer nice comments that I so deeply appreciate! Anyway, one of those lost comments was from Mitch Teemley as he kindly offered me a Very Inspiring Blogger Award and all the work that inevitably goes along with these sorts of things. If you get a Nobel, you have to put on a tux, travel to Sweden, hobnob with royalty, deal with being famous, and take your big fat check home. Blogger awards don’t require you to leave home or wear clothes – any at all, although I generally do wear some – but they do require some writing and posting. It’s like a Nobel that requires you to do more of what you’re already doing as your reward for doing it, alas, but it’s such a kind gesture and it generates so much good will and exposure to bloggers who need it: how could I say no? Obviously, I could just pretend I didn’t notice it and leave it at that – but THAT ISN”T WHAT I DID. I hope folks will believe me. I feel embarrassed accepting an award six months after the fact. It’s bad form – really, really bad! Hopefully, though, it’s slightly better than not responding at all. I do try… But enough with the excuses, already. Let’s get to the meat of this matter:

(Note to Self: Cut and paste the rules from the last post. Fill in the blanks. Try and make it interesting for the nice people. ***MAKE SURE YOU DELETE THIS NOTE***)

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Post the award image to your page.

3. Share 7 facts about yourself.  Here are mine:

  1. I’m not optimally organized. Clearly…
  2. I’m more than willing to admit my mistakes, albeit in my own special way. Again, clearly.
  3. I’m confident and open with my opinions. Some people take it as arrogance, but it actually reflects my willingness to throw pitches and get lots of strikeouts and lots of home runs for the other team. My stats are well above average, so I keep pitching. Plus, being wrong is the number one, absolutely most effective way to learn. The quickest way to find out you’re wrong is to make your ideas very public and listen to feedback. So I do both, often. Call that whatever you like. I call it Greg.
  4. My daughter Lily is ten, and she’s getting well-trained in psych nurse people skills. She’s good at it!
  5. My wife Jen is a very patient person, as were my parents when I lived with them. How do I know? None of them killed me, not even once!
  6. Psychiatric patients are a badly underrated group to hang out with. Such interesting people! So many fantastic stories, both fiction and nonfiction! Some of us even work in the field…
  7. I often don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m headed because I’m not interested in operating on train tracks someone else built for me. I’m a free-range noncriminal human, a rare breed in modern life. When you take no path, every step is a new decision. It’s wonderful! Still, not for most people. You have to decide how much of your lifestyle will be that of a sheep, versus how much a wolf, versus how much a moose (no herd, nonpredator). Many people are pure sheep: they wait for someone to make that decision for them. How about you? There are few life decisions quite as important…

4. Finally, nominate 15 other blogs and inform them about it

This is the tough part. That’s a lot of deciding and notifying! Sigh…  My apologies to anyone and everyone left out:

  1. Lorie Brown of Empowered Nurses,
  2. Donna Carol Maheady of Exceptional Nurse,
  3. Anne Llewellyn of Nurse Advocate,
  4. Elizabeth Scala of Elizabeth Scala: Nursing from Within,
  5. Beth Boynton of Confident Voices,
  6. Kelly Payne of Mommy Baby Nurse,
  7. Marsha Ann of The Bossy Nurse,
  8. Brittney Wilson of The Nerdy Nurse,
  9. Joyce Fiodembo of International Nurse Support,
  10. Eileen Spillane of The Balanced Nurse,
  11. Kevin Ross of Innovative Nurse,
  12. Caroline Thomas of EmpoweRN,
  13. Annette Tersigni of YogaNurse,
  14. John Keith of CRNA Career Pro,
  15. Joan Spitrey of The Nurse Teacher,
  16. Kelly Block of ER Nurses Care

Finally, thanks again to Mitch Teemley for offering me this nice opportunity to vent and to share some good vibes.


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