Powerhouse Nurse Bloggers Return!!! Big Red Links #39

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It’s a weekly ritual I really like: sharing other great nurse blogger’s work!

  1. Lorie Brown talks up fitness and FitBits in Fitbits in Nursing:

Fitbits in Nursing_ - http___www.empowerednurses.org_fitbits-in-nursing_

2. Donna Carol Maheady offers us Are You a Resilient Nurse?

FireShot Capture - Exceptional Nurse_ Are you a resilient _ - http___exceptionalnurse.blogspot.com

3. Elizabeth Scala offers Nursing Career in Transition? 3 Tips to Smooth the Course:

FireShot Capture - Nursing Career in Tran_ - http___elizabethscala.com_nursing-career-in-transition_

4. Beth Boynton offers us Celebrating Risk-Taking in Medical Improv Promotes Assertiveness:

FireShot Capture - Medical Improv helps nurses with assert_ - http___www.confidentvoices.com_2015_

5. And my little bit too: 6 Great Mental Health Links!

FireShot Capture - How Thinking Works_ 10 Brilliant Cognit_ - http___www.spring.org.uk_2014_01_how

6. Late entry: Bonus! Taking Care of You by Anne Llewellyn:

Aspiring Nurse Bloggers - https___www.facebook.com_groups_aspiringnursebloggers_


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