5 Links: Let’s Have Some Fun Together! Big Red Links #36

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  1. I’m generally not a big fan of cat pix, but these are funny! My cats have always been openly hostile towards vets, even aggressive: one vet who apparently never bothered to learn how to handle animals (go figure) called one of my cats “You little bastard!” These cats have their own ways to handle it: 15+ Cats Who Just Realized You Took Them To The Vet:

FireShot Capture - 15 Cats Who Just Realized Yo_ - http___www.boredpanda.com_funny-cats-vet-clinic_

2. I love TV remotes. Why? Because they force advertisers to stop yelling at us and make the commercials worth watching. Here’s a montage of examples. What’s your favorite? Mine was the squirrel trainer. Funniest Commercials of All Time – YouTube:

FireShot Capture - Funniest Commercials of All Time - YouTube_ - https___www.youtube.com_watch

3. We’re not worthy! Seventeen comics in under three minutes. All The Careers Launched By ‘The Daily Show’ In One Video:

FireShot Capture - All The Careers Launched By 'The Daily _ - http___digg.com_video_daily-show-cor

4. Dinosaur Comics: a T Rex offers relationship advice:

FireShot Capture - Dinosaur Comics - August 26th, 2015 - awesome _ - http___www.qwantz.com_index.php

5. Insults are great fun, especially when you’re not the target! Top 10 Funniest Movie Insults:

FireShot Capture - Top 10 Funniest Movie Insults - YouTube_ - https___www.youtube.com_watch

What makes YOU laugh? Let’s share!

And as always,

Keep on Playing!


  1. The cats at the vet is very funny. We have a cat who has to be tranquilized and put in a cat bag when the vet makes house calls. We cannot get him into a carrier. He goes completely mad–almost choked himself once on the leash.

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