5 Flavors of Inspiration! Big Red Links #35

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Today, let’s review a diverse collection of inspirations:

  1. Never give up, never surrender. Not every battle is combat, and not all tyranny comes from governments.  Braveheart Freedom Speech:

FireShot Capture - Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD) - YouTube_ - https___www.youtube.com_watch

2. Not all heroes fight. By Asking One Simple Question, This Teen Saved A Man’s Life:

FireShot Capture - By Asking One Simple Question, This Tee_ - http___www.trueactivist.com_by-askin

3. This gentleman is a school janitor and an important mentor to troubled teens: Charles Clark Counsels High School Students While Cleaning Toilets:

FireShot Capture - Charles Clark Counsels High School Students While C_ - http___omeleto.com_215307_

4. This great piece arranges for people of all ages to give advice to people slightly younger: How to Age Gracefully:

FireShot Capture - How to Age Gracefully I Omeleto - http___omeleto.com_215281_

5. Unplanned! WWII Veterans Spontaneously Cheered By Travelers When They Enter Airport:

FireShot Capture - WWII Veterans Spo_ - http___www.reshareworthy.com_wwii-vets-cheered-by-travelers_

So I lied about offering only five flavors. Here’s some more:

The Drinkable Book: Filter Paper That Purifies Water:

FireShot Capture - The Drinkable Book_ Filter Paper That Purifies Wate_ - http___omeleto.com_194047_

Paralyzed designer creates jeans for women in wheelchairs:

FireShot Capture - Paralyzed designer creates je_ - http___mashable.com_2015_08_19_jeans-wheelchair_

Clever Buildings Whose Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees:

FireShot Capture - Clever Buildings Whose Architects Refus_ - https___theviralstory.wordpress.com_

Finally, People power helps free man trapped by train, c/o the great site KINGS OF THE KITCHEN:

FireShot Capture - People power helps free man t_ - http___www.nzherald.co.nz_world_news_article.cfmIt’s been great, but alas, the time to say farewell has come. What inspires you? Let me know, please! And until next time,

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