Nurses: Is Your Workplace Competency Management Competently Managed?

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I encountered an interesting question today: how is nursing competency measured at your workplace? Are the measurement tools and training relevant, accurate, effective, useful?

In short, do you find the competency management at work competent, itself?

I offer CPI as an example, short for Crisis Prevention Institute. Based on the care model CPI offers, these folks know slightly more than nothing about optimal human interactions. It’s a badly flawed, simplistic model for crisis prevention and management. Not surprisingly, most of a CPI workbook offers self-defense techniques. Self-defense happens when your people skills fail. CPI expects you to fail and trains you to fail. Hence all the self-defense skills, completely unnecessary with succesful crisis prevention.

Would I call CPI competent? No, clearly I would not, except for its marketing: CPI remains a  standard mandatory training program in many hospitals. Sad…

Check this piece out as well: Competency in Nursing, then tell me: what do you think about the competency management at your workplace?

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