6 Great Mental Health Links! Big Red Links #34

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  1. With electronic medical records, your privacy may be at risk. The Devil Is In the Details: How Patients’ Mental Health Data Is At Risk:

FireShot Capture - The Devil Is In the Details_ How Patien_ - https___firstlook.org_theintercept_2

2. How Thinking Works: 10 Brilliant Cognitive Psychology Studies Everyone Should Know:

FireShot Capture - How Thinking Works_ 10 Brilliant Cognit_ - http___www.spring.org.uk_2014_01_how

3. Depression Distorts People’s Perception of Time, Study Finds:

FireShot Capture - Depression Distorts People's Perception_ - http___www.spring.org.uk_2015_03_dep

4. Create Your Own Gratitude List and Tell Your Own Story:

FireShot Capture - Create Your Own Gratitude List and Tell_ - https___www.amyoes.com_2015_08_21_cr

5. Young Men With Old Brains: The Hard Realities of Traumatic Brain Injury in Sport | Virally Suppressed – Muckraking For The Modern World:

FireShot Capture - Young Men With Old Brains_ The Hard Rea_ - http___virallysuppressed.com_2015_08

6. Wil Wheaton Talks About Mental Illness:

FireShot Capture - Wil Wheaton Talks About Mental Illness I Omeleto - http___omeleto.com_215173_

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    1. It’s not just the NFL. College sports are a major factor in degrading educational achievement in America. We take legions of youth and convince them to ruin their futures so we can be entertained. It’s fun, and it’s deeply wrong. Americans would take a quarterback over an educated young citizen every day of the week. What’s fun about education? We deeply disrespect education and educators as a nation, and the results are unsurprising. We’re all far poorer, literally much poorer, as a result of our entertainment addiction. Thanks for your kind feedback, Beth!


  1. WOW! Boy! Do I ever need this! There’s more nuts about me than most fruit cakes! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to help me! Great blog entry!

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