7 More Nurse Blogger Powerhouse Stories! Big Red Links #33

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Here are the offerings so far from this weeks’ Aspiring Nurse Blogger group’s post share:

  1. Donna Maheady, EdD, ARNP offers Exceptional Nurse: Girl Scouts Mental Health Awareness Patch. The Girl Scouts offer official credit and recognition for fighting stigma!

FireShot Capture - Exceptional Nurse_ Girl Scouts Mental H_ - http___exceptionalnurse.blogspot.com

2. Anne Llewellyn offers useful information about the impact of new technology on health care practice in Nurse Advocate: The Healthcare Revolution – All Hands on Deck:

FireShot Capture - Nurse Advocate_ The Healthcare Revoluti_ - http___nurseadvocate5.blogspot.com_2

3. Elizabeth Scala offers A Fun Way to Relieve Stress as a Nurse:

FireShot Capture - A Fun Way to Relieve Stre_ - http___elizabethscala.com_relieve-stress-as-a-nurse_

4. Beth Boyton offers Shortcuts in Medication Administration: Why Do We Do It Wrong If We Know How to Do It Right? (and We Do!):

FireShot Capture - Shortcuts in Medication Administration__ - http___www.confidentvoices.com_2013_

5. Beth Boyton offers more useful tips in Giving and Receiving Feedback:

FireShot Capture - Pedagogy Infusion Campus - Online Conti_ - http___www.pedagogyeducation.com_Inf

6. While I’d hardly label myself a powerhouse, please allow me to include my offering, Robin Williams: My Tribute to His Untimely Death:

FireShot Capture - Robin Williams_ My Tribute to His Untim_ - http___bigredcarpetnursing.com_2015_

7. I add these posts as they come in. Here’s some useful tips to help nurses communicate better. Like most people, most nurses assume communication is a matter of your personality and upbringing, Not so! There are many skills and insights to learn and practice: we can all improve our skills. When we do, we permanently increase our power and efficacy at work. I benefit every day from my work on these skills, and I’ve still a long way to go: it’s great!

Thanks to Lorie Brown for her contribution to this crucial area: Communication in Nursing:

FireShot Capture - Communication In Nursing - http___yournurseattorney.com_communication-in-nursing_

I hope you enjoy this week’s batch! Please let me know what you think, and as always,

Keep on Playing!


  1. That is a good article, but what is the antagonist is not a coworker but someone who is just harassing you, and escalating, the police hands tied. Seems like the more the **unemployed man was told stay away from me the more he wanted to do what he wanted. No boundaries . It was like , “you are going to do what I want and behave the way I want and ignoring me is not acceptable, and if you think different then when I get my comrades you will be sorry”. ****
    ****Actual story very poorly managed hospital
    ** IDLE HANDS are the devils handiwork
    And then there is that coworker you really don’t have to have any dialogue with, you try to avoid and they seem to push themselves on you. Like they know you don’t want them in your face so they do it more.

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    1. Nothing works in every situation. I try to prepare myself as best I can, and I’m far better prepared than I was 20 years ago. Also, if a situation is untenable, I get out. I’ve done so more than once. People often get the idea they have no choice, but usually you do. You find a way. More than that I can’t offer via comments. Good luck – Greg


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