7 Great Stories for Nurses: Big Red Links #32

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  1. Doctor in Gaza Uses 3D Printing to Design Stethoscopes that Costs Just 30 Cents!

FireShot Capture - Doctor in Gaza Uses 3D Printing to Desi_ - http___www.3dprinter.net_doctor-in-g

2. Speedy treatment of stroke patients with new clot retrieval device vastly improves outcomes

3. Mini Pot-Bellied Pigs Love On Alzheimer’s Patients:

FireShot Capture - Mini Pot-Bellied Pigs Love On Alzheimer's Patients _ - http___omeleto.com_214976_

4. Miserable Co-Workers: How to Prevent Colleagues from Bringing YOU Down!

FireShot Capture - Miserable Co-Workers_ How to Prevent Co_ - http___elizabethscala.com_miserable-

5. Why Aren’t We Using More Video Animations in Healthcare? | EMR and HIPAA

6. Happy Nurses = Satisfied Patients | Healthcare in the Know Blog:FireShot Capture - Happy Nurses = Satisfied Patients I Hea_ - http___www.apihealthcare.com_blog_he7. Proactive nurse rounds ‘boost hospital patient satisfaction:

FireShot Capture - nursing Articles _ Proactiv_ - http___www.rightrelevance.com_search_articles_hero

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