6 Great Mental Health Links! Big Red Links #30

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I do lots of wandering and  collecting, wandering and collecting. Lately I’ve been grouping my finds into themes:

  1. I Illustrate The Difficulties I Face As An Introvert:

I Illustrate The_ - http___www.boredpanda.com_introversion-infj-cartoons-inf-joe_

2. Emma Watson Admits Feeling Like An Imposter And Reveals How She Overcomes Anxiety And Self Doubt:

Emma Watson Admits Feeling Like An Impo_ - http___www.huffingtonpost.co.uk_2015

3. Comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe are blowing up the stigma of mental health:

Comedians at th_ - http___mashable.com_2015_08_12_comedians-mental-health-stigma_

4. Cake Shop Spreads Mental Health Awareness with Cupcakes – Shape Magazine:

Cake Shop Spreads Mental Health Awarene_ - http___www.shape.com_lifestyle_mind-

5. Suicidal Man’s Life Saved When His Loyal Dog Stopped Him By Taking His Noose:

Suicidal Man’s Lif_ - http___www.reshareworthy.com_heroic-dog-saves-suicidal-man_

6. Voice Awards recognizes those who fight stigmas against mental illness:

Voice Awards recognizes those who _ - http___linkis.com_dailybruin.com_2015_j5Y9Q


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have a family member suffering with severe bipolar, anxiety, along with health issues as well. My grandmother past away 2 years ago and helped manage his meds, support, and encouraged him. Since the loss of my gran, he hit rock bottom, when his brother & 2 sisters refused to help him with the love and support he needed. I am heartbroken. Mental illness is on the rise and we need more support groups for them. Give them an outlet to be around others facing the same issues because talking out your feelings is key. I am speaking of my uncle (his 1st niece) and his only siblings have turned there back on him. I am the one constant in his life and helping as much as I possibly can as I face my own health issues. Keep up the great work!

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