Nurse Theme Songs: Five More Great Ones! AND a Bonus!

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I waited a while to see if I could get just one more idea out of DI James, but four is still pretty awesome!

Here we go: DI James is far more interested in offering song ideas than comments:

  1. Dl James: Still With You – Eric Benét:

Still With you- Eric Benet - YouTube_ -

2. Dl James: Help Somebody – Maxwell:

Maxwell- _Help Somebody_ -SUBTITLED - YouTube_ -

3. Dl James Respect – Aretha Franklin:

Aretha Franklin - Respect [1967] (Original Versi_ -

4. Dl James Thanks For Saving My Life – Billy Paul:

billy paul thanks for savin my life - YouTube_ -

5. Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN on Next Wave Connect offers: “OY- do I have to pick ONE??? I LOVE (and I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) music. It’s one of my favorite things. Let’s see… for work… or for play? LOL. It may sound odd, but the words from Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin speak to me. I was having a hard time in college was in some depressed times- and a friend sent them to me. I read them through… really read them. Word for word. And I saw that we have a choice in everything we do. There is an option. And it’s up to us to choose it. That’s what that song means to me every time I hear it now :)”

How could I possibly say “no” to Elizabeth, Led Zeppelin, AND Stairway to Heaven? here’s one of countless versions, from Madison Square Garden in 1973:

Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven (Subtitulado Es_ -

BONUS TRACK for Heart Fans: Heart covers STH at the Kenedy Center Awards in 2012:

Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Live at Kennedy Cent_ -

Until next time…

Keep on Playing!

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