Nurse Fun: a Personal Example

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As it turns out, Jen had a light work day today, and I was off, so we went out to lunch at a great local spot, the Menotomy Grill in Arlington, MA. It’s a great place: the food, drinks, and people are all very nice, and it has a history theme. You see, the area in which my house sits has had multiple names over the years. Many early colonial towns were much larger at first, at least in land area. There were so few colonists, initially, that I imagine there was little reason to establish very many towns, The site of the Salem witch trials, for example, now lies in another town entirely – Danvers – that spun off later. Arlington was originally a part of Cambridge called Menotomy. Later it spun off as West Cambridge, and around the time of the Civil War, it was finally renamed Arlington. It turns out that the heaviest fighting of the Battle of Lexington & Concord happened in neither Lexingon nor Concord. It was in Arlington, well, Menotomy then, around the house of a man named Jason Russell, as the British Regulars retreated back to safety along the Charles River. They had a truly awful day at work, those regulars: up all night, then marched 20 miles in all their wool and fur hats and rediculously heavy gear. There was a little shooting in Lexington, then it really fired up in Concord, and never stopped until they had marched the same 20 miles back to the Charles. And I doubt they got paid overtime! Whenever I thinkk of gun control, I remember Lexington & Concord, because that was their mission that day: to seize munitions in Concord. It didn’t go very well at all, and triggered a seige of Boston that was relieved only when the British left town, We still celebrate it locally as Evacuation Day.

Anyway, it was a good time: lunch, that is, at the Menotomy Grill:

Jason Russell’s House. There’s a great bagel place across the street!


            These random guys were nice about letting me get this shot…




                        They even have a paint nite, er, night! 


      1. Would your library have some books Greg? Or you might be able to get a brief history through Google. Here is an outline: after the war between the British & USA, Britain found she no longer had a place to dispose of the dregs of her society aka criminals (yes, it’s all your country’s fault – lol! 😉) so had a dilemma on her hands. In the meantime, Captain James T Kirk errr. … Captain James Cook, surveyor, astronomer and navigator extraordinaire, discovered while on his journey to map the islands, the land of the long white clouds (New Zealand). He duly mapped the area and then travelled west and discovered (big drum roll) in 1770 (hope you’re taking notes as there will be a test after) and named the East Coast of Australia, New South Wales. The first Fleet landed in 1788 and brought settlers and convicts and opened up this vast continent. FYI: If you take out Alaska and Hawaii, the USA is the approximately the same size as good ole Australia. So our country is quite young in comparison to most countries around the world. Hope this has helped. 😊

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  1. Interesting. SO much history around there. We have brought up alot over the past few years about Salem witch hunts, in relation to the way nurses are treated in Az. It feels like what they did back then , no real trial, diagnose bewitchment, and hang them . Nothing has changed since 1692 in the wild wild west.

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