Nurse Commuting: 5 Ways To the Extreme! Big Red Links #28

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I commuted on a bicycle for years on the dangerous roads in and around Boston, as I described in scary detail in My Other Life: Writing on Medium. I commuted to work into the banned driving zone (a.k.a. the “shelter-in-place” advisory) around Watertown, MA when Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – the Boston Marathon Bombers – were dodging and fighting thousands of cops near by. I drove to and from work through the Governor’s state of emergency and driving ban at the height of Winter Storm Nemo. I once cross-country skied 7 miles to work from urban Brookline through the streets of the Alston and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston to neighboring Waltham. I also managed to drive to work through The April Fool’s Day Blizzard. I was the only staff in the facility for the next 36 hours; later I got a 50 dollar bonus and a nice letter. I’ve had some experience with extreme commuting.

Thinking over these stories inspired me to consider 5 REALLY extreme nursing commutes. We’re essential employees after all!

Managers Be Like Pinterest_ Discover an_ - https___www.pinterest.com_gregmercer601_fun-for-nurses_

Bosses Be Like Pinterest_ Discover and save_ - https___www.pinterest.com_pin_109916047131628021_

We’re under pressure! We need all the options we can get, right? I decided to push the envelope a bit and find us new alternative forms of transportation. Here’s what I found so far. Each pic links to a quick video:

  1. Tron Bike:

Tron Lightcycle is Street Legal - YouTu_ -

2. Trike Drifting:

Trike Drifting - YouTube_ -

3. World’s Largest Rope Swing:

World's Largest Rope Swing - YouTube_ -

4. World’s first manned flight with an electric multicopter:

World's first manned flight with an electric mul_ -

5. And best of all: commuting IN SPACE! What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth – Fluid version:

Orbit - What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth _ -

Almost makes you want to commute right now, doesn’t it?



    1. It’s a kind thought! I consider good nurses good people with good skills and character. There’s nothing automatic, miraculous, or magical about it, and it doesn’t come easily. Many good nurses get crushed or poisoned by our ruthlessly profit-focused “health care” systems.

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