Nursing Sci Fi! 5 Ways to Dare to Dream… Big Red Links #27

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science-fiction_153267-1400x1050.jpg_ - http___wfiles.brothersoft.com_3_3d-sFirst off, please allow me one cliché, OK? Thanks! Here we go:

“Nursing is tough!”

Like I said, one cliché. We nurses have all known that one inside and out for some years now, right? Yet we keep saying it in so many different ways, over and over, don’t we? It’s an itch, and we feel compelled to scratch it. Now just one more favor, OK? Last one, I promise. Thanks again! Aren’t you agreeable? Here we go, one homespun historical quote:

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain.”

Henry Ford had his good and bad days, his successes and mistakes, but he did manage to bring cheap transportation to millions of Americans. He knew how to get things done, and he spoke well with this quote. Complaining’s a popular hobby: it too often substitutes for useful actions to address the problems at hand. All that wasted time and energy has doomed many a person to a life of failure and regret. We can do better than that. We owe it to ourselves, each other, and our patients to leave this world a little better than we found it. At the very least, we owe the attempt.

Odd post, this one. It even has a plot twist. I got all serious on you back there, worthy stuff indeed, but we need some amusement too, don’t we? So here’s 5 new items to make a nurse’s  life easier:

1)  Japanese Company Invents A Mini Segway That’s About The Size Of A Laptop – Digg Imagine cruising the unit in style!

Japanese Company Invent_ - http___digg.com_video_walkcar-mini-segway-cocoa-motors

2) Imagine delivering meds by DRONE! Heck, these prison inmates did it: Drone drops heroin and other drugs into prison, fight ensues | Digital Trends

Drone drops heroin and other drugs into_ - http___www.digitaltrends.com_cool-te

3) If the Mini Segway is too boring or slow for you, how about hoverboarding on the floors?  Lexus Shows Off a Homemade Hoverboard | Digital Trends

Lexus Shows Off a Homemade Hoverboard I_ - http___www.digitaltrends.com_cool-te

4) Wouldn’t it be really nice to know where everybody at work IS? Where are the docs, the other nurses, the techs, the patients? Imagine tracking them in real time: TrackerPad is a quarter-sized GPS tracker | Digital Trends

TrackerPad is a quarter-sized GPS track_ - http___www.digitaltrends.com_cool-te

5) Finally, let’s get back to basics. No more tech. What if found an excuse to have dogs on the units: Cancer-detecting dogs approved for NHS trial | Life and style | The Guardian

Cancer-detecting dogs approved for NHS _ - http___www.theguardian.com_lifeandst

Whatever you do, whatever comes and goes at work, just remember: there are always ways to make it better. And one more thing:

Keep on Playing!


  1. here ‘s one , I went to a rally and the nurse sitting next to me said, “when the mgt at the hospital is going to “talk” to a nurse , <only time they know you exist " I am called to be there next to the nurse when they talk to them. " union rep . WOW what a novel Idea . Now the nurse isn't outnumbered . Sure cuts the BS, and intimidation factor all at once.
    mgt hates it , and will tell you , "a union will just get in the way of our communication" lol. !

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