Nurse Theme Songs 4: It’s a Tune Typhoon! Our First One-Nurse Show

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It was bound to happen with so many songs coming in. Congratulations to nurse Melissa Brown! She’s contributed so many songs, I have to honor her with her own post. She’s the headliner today: on with the show!

  1. All quotes are Melissa’s: “Comin’ up on the 45th anniversary of Woodstock on August 17! This song certainly qualifies for inclusion!”  Great tune. Theme song for Nurse Jackie, perhaps? Maybe for ER nurses and others who see so many patients with substance issues:   White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane, Live from Woodstock (the real one), 1969:

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit, Live from Woo_ - “I have a new friend in the UK. I don’t even know her/his name, but we agree on this. Nurses are under too much pressure! This one is for you, my new friend:” Under Pressure, Queen : Live at Wembly, 1986. Patients, too, are under intense pressure:

Queen - Under Pressure (HQ) (Live At Wembley 86)_ -

3. “Here’s one of my personal southern funk favorites. I used to play it during those long, night shift hours. One morning, I had it on when the patients started coming up for morning vitals. We had fun! I think music should be incorporated into treatment.” Me too, Melissa. We have a music group on the unit every Friday and some weekends: singing, dancing, instruments: the entire unit changes for the better! What an adventure, this piece of music: three bands on one stage. They’ve never played together, a recipe for disaster, but no: listen to them and see for yourself: Galactic, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Juvenile – From The Corner To The Block

Galactic, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Juvenile - Fro_ -

4. “This is the last one, I promise. Maybe. wink emoticon A touch of sadness…..after my termination in May of 2013, I often listened to this song. Music got me through.” It’s a great one all right: Hallelujah by Gov’t Mule

Gov't Mule - Hallelujah - YouTube -

5. Status post some gentle coaxing for the win: “Again, in the wee hours of the night, as we went about our business, we sometimes played music. This one is for you, Brenda. You are an outstanding nurse and a lady I am honored to call one of my best friends. I remember how much you loved this song. :)” : FIRE & DESIRE – LADY TEENA MARIE & RICK JAMES

rick james and tina marie fire and desire - Goog_ -

And there we have it, folks. Let’s hear it for nurse Melissa Brown! And until next time, alway remember, 

Keep on Playing!

(Psst! And keep on sending me those songs….)

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