Nurse Powerhouses: 5 Bloggers Strut Their Great Stuff! Big Red Links #25

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Adding More Daily!

I’ve decided to tailor my link posts more than I had to date: more themes and focus, higher quality, less quantity. Sounds good, yes?

Today I offer five great nurse bloggers’ work, all from the Aspiring Nurse Blogger group on Facebook, an invitation-only group of, well, duh!, nurse bloggers, some rather successful, others just starting out, all helping each other learn, grow, and succeed. We have a post share group every Friday, fortunately offering some forgiveness for late posters.

Here’s what we have for you this week:

  1. Nurse speaker, workshop facilitator, and Reiki Master Elizabeth Scala of Nursing From Within offers 3 quick tips in New to Business? What Every Nurse Entrepreneur Needs to Know.
  2. Donna Carol Maheady of the Exceptional Nurse offers the 2015 scholarships awarded to nursing students with disabilities.
  3. Beth Boynton of Confident Voices in Healthcare offers 3, No Wait 6, No Wait 7 Ways You Can Stop the Silence in Healthcare Today.
  4. Kate Loving Shenk offers Oneness Through Love- Podcast 219 –.
  5. Anne Llewellyn of Nurse Advocate offers The Patient as the Center of the Healthcare Team.

I highly recommend all five links, and leave your response to your professional judgement.

Keep on playing!


  1. You are role-modeling collaborative leadership, Greg and I thank you for including my blogpost about ‘stopping the silence in healthcare’. Respectful collaboration, in my opinion is the opposite of horizontal and vertical violence and so extremely important. I’ve read the other posts too and highly recommend them to your readers.

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