Nurse Theme Songs: 5 Even Better Ones!

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Theme Song Graphic (1)
We even got us a graphic!

The ideas keep rolling in! I doubt I’ll keep this daily schedule up much longer, but for now, it’s a fun ride. Great for a Friday! And for me, today is an honest to goodness, genuine Friday, not the old every-other-weekend-worker’s-Friday-is-actually-a-Wednesday kind of Friday. TGIF! Without further ado or other clichés, I offer you today’s five:

  1. With a rather convincing presentation – er, comment -lars offered up an outstanding contribution. Imagine striding into your nursing station, arms triumphantly held high, fists pumping. Now imagine you have the Rocky theme song for backup. Aslars put it,

    “Sometimes when you go into work and there is a problem, or some idiot wants to remind you you forgot to clock out or chart a in and out, or something trivial, you should have done the ROCKY theme song to work, right up the steps like in Pennsylvania, and go in ready for your opponents. DA DA DA DA D ADADDDDAAAAAAAAAAAA . can you picture it?”

    I can now, lars. Thanks!

    Rocky Full Theme Tune - YouTube -
    Rocky is the world’s foremost expert on brain damage reversal. He gets smarter and more articulate with each new movie, after getting his brains badly beaten out, AGAIN…

    2. I think of my own picks too often to keep up with them, and I like presenting your ideas better than mine, but Rocky inspired me. How about another Rocky theme song: perfect for badass nurses who always get it done for their patients, no matter what. How about Eye of the Tiger?

    Rocky Training Eye of the tiger - YouTube_ -

    3.    Dl James takes us in an entirely different direction with Love Will Find a Way – Pharoah Sanders (1977). Peaceful!

    Pharoah Sanders - Love Will Find A Way - YouTube_ -

    4.   Dl James also suggests Always With Me, Always With You – Joe Satriani. Now that’s theme music! “Hey, check out THAT nurse. I don’t know why, but she’s so cool, don’t you think? She rocks!”

Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You -_ -

5. For today’s finale, allow me to introduce Donna Maheady, ARNP, EdD, a new staff member on the Big Red Carpet. She has graciously accepted the title of Big Red Carpet Project Expansion Producer (BRC PEP), in honor of this clip she suggested. It’s not a theme song, but it does involve dancing. These clever nurses use tap dancing to help us understand EKGs in various pathologic states. Left foot, ventricles, right foot, atria: teaching genius! It’s quick, it’s slick, and here it is from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing:

video.flv - YouTube -

FYI, Donna offered me this clip in the Nursing Student Community on Next Wave Connect, a great new health care social media site you might want to check out. I don’t work there, but the people who do have been rather nice to me, arguably more so than I’ve deserved at times. It feels good to send them some love this way, and you might well find NWC a useful place to network with some impressive people: nurses and others in health care. I focus on the nurse and nursing student communities. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

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In any case, keep on sending me your theme music, and

Keep on Playing!



  1. Greg,
    As you know I am thrilled with my new appointment as BRC PEP!
    Will you be sending me my job description soon?
    Is a uniform required? Name badge? Parking space? Office with a window? Secretary?
    What are my hours? Do I have to work weekends? Holidays? (I need St. Patrick’s day off..just saying).
    What time is my lunch or dinner break?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uniform, of course! Must have that… YOur first official duty is to figure out your own uniform codes and monitor your own compliance. Office, ID, parking, hours, holidays, breaks, same. Let HR know if there are any issues, if you can find them… Delegation: such a wonder! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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