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Medium %22M%22I haven’t spent much time with Medium yet. I’m as attracted to ridiculously overdoing it as the next guy, but I’ve got so many balls in the air lately, the sound of balls hitting ground threatens to become my own private soundtrack. Ocean sounds, sort of, so to speak. I’m an organizational Vietnam War, a quagmire: the American Military, protesters, Saigon, Viet jungles, Vietcong, VC: the whole package, all in one office… And I keep plugging, folks. I always do.

2012-01 Greg n Ryan Back in the day
How did this guy become adult Goofball Psych Nurse Greg? My brother, to the right, requires a lengthy explanation of his own… Click!

So I stumbled into (onto?) Medium somehow in my wanderings, and I liked what i saw. I’ve published a couple of pieces there. They just didn’t seem to fit my blog focus plans, but my Muse demanded that I publish them, so there we were, folks. My Muse!

When some folks tell you to do something, you just do it, right? Trust me, you don’t mess with a Muse. You aggravate her once – just once! – and you might be waiting for your next idea until sometime next century. Ask the Game of Thrones author guy. He offended his Muse – just once! – and now he just might find a way to wrap up all those countless story loose ends, perhaps a few lifetimes away at best. I read the first book: clearly, Muse on duty! The second book, she was already backing away. His books after that? He’s clearly, on his own: cutting and pasting from earlier books, filling in new names, throwing in distractions to hide his pain. Looks over there, folks: dragon! He can coast by for now – TV writers doing all the real work – until the Fates finally cut his life cord short, out of mercy, frankly. Sad. Do you catch what I just threw you: SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR LEANING ON TV WRITERS FOR CREATIVITY. So sad! I don’t remember his name… should I? Don’t F with your Muse, people. Just don’t.

Like I implied above in my own, er, unusual fashion, I said fine, Muse, I’m on it, ASAP of course. I kissed her ring and got right to it! It’s up and running, in case you missed it. A few people still have… It tells some fun extremely unusual, rather vivid, all true events from my youth. They might help you understand my particular approach to things better too. The response so far has been very gratifying. My dad even liked it: well,not the content, really. He liked “the writing.” Dads don’t like to read about their sons surviving such risks while Dads hadn’t a clue about it all. Here it is:

True Story: I was a Road Warrior the Day I Met a Terminator in the Park — Medium

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