Sunlight on Yuma Regional Medical Center: an Interesting New Development

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Another Postcard!
Another Postcard!

“I was in Yuma as a nurse & saw many nurses who were not fit to practice because of clinical & drug abuse.” – Anonymous

Days after I offered my most recent calls to shine sunlight on those who abuse nurses, I’ve experienced what has become for me an expected result. After I offered, once again, to record any nurse abuse, I promptly received general support from multiple sources, and specific complaints about nurse abuse in Arizona. As I said, a repeated pattern by now. Always more Arizona!

As of my last post, I’d recorded 34 complaints. Today, I duly recorded two more. One of them appears above in quotes: a warning that my information might be flawed. Perhaps some of my reports come from bad apples or sour grapes? As it turns out, such a possibility has been obvious to me all along. Anonymous reporting clearly encourages lies, vengeange, and other abuses. Much research and experience confirm it clearly. I don’t offer reporters anonymity to improve my data quality. I don’t offer anonymity because I naively assume that I’ll only receive the truth in the mail, I’m not daft!

I offer reporters total anonymity because I’ve learned over years that many nurses are vulnerable to severe, dangerous, and corrupt retaliation if they fulfill their professional and ethical mandates by reporting abuse. Nurse whistle-blowers seriously risk losing their jobs, licenses, careers, incomes, reputations, and futures. Organizations like ANA piously and hypocritically demand that nurses do the right thing, then passively watch them get destroyed for it. Such regret they express for the record! When ANA or any other organization acts in such a fashion, it shows poor character, ethics, and credibility. It offers empty words in the guise of professional standards. It offers fraud in the guise of regulation. Such bad actors deserve to fail. Many employers and their cronies in nursing regulation seem more than willing to crush any nurses who threaten their criminal incomes. No one out there seems to show any serious willingness to help such nurses. After careful consideration, I’ve decided that in such a context, anonymity likely offers more benefit than harm.

Thanks to my latest anonymous reporter! If half of what I’ve learned about Yuma Regional Medical Center is true, then it’s clearly the hospital of the damned. How else could such a facility find nurses willing to fill all those slots, albeit oh so briefly and until they quit or get fired, How could it fill all those slots without severely lowering the bar for new hires? When a facility makes itself deeply so deeply undesirable to nurses, it enters a death spiral. Only the worst and the most desperate apply, and most of them soon leave, piling up vast turnover costs that require ever deeper short-staffing, ever more abusive management, ever more desperate hiring, deeper and ever deeper until hopefully, finally and at long last, that facility dies.

Prompt facility death in such a case is arguably far better than a slow lingering death, for both patient safety and welfare. Once the doors finally close, at least so many hapless would-be Yuma patients would know they need to drive all the way to San Diego for safe and ethical care. Hopefully, in time will sweep aside YRMC’s ashes and build anew. Until then, people of the Yumas of the world, here’s my earnest advice: plan ahead. Figure out where to drive: out of town, out of state, whatever it takes, to find a safe and ethical facility in time of need.

Your life may well depend on it.


  1. Just reviewed the column you referenced — I’d missed the stats you quoted somehow.
    The US News article info language sounds exactly like it was taken from both Hospital Compare and Press Ganey. The survey results for several other questions, including “education regarding meds, recommend this facility” are phrases pulled directly from Press Ganey (specifically HCAHAPS) and Hospital Compare. Hope this helps.

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  2. Just curious — what does Hospital Compare show about Yuma Regional? Were you able to get information from any actual representative of the facility?
    Greg, thank you for doing all of this!

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    1. You’re welcome!
      I’ve made multiple attempts to communicate directly with YRMC, they’ve made some promising noises about it on occasion, and yet they’ve also managed to never actually permit me to talk to anyone there, not once, even after layers of attempts on my part to do just that: obtain their side of the story. In their defense, I planned to give their words only slightly more credit than they deserved, all things considered, as a social gesture on my part. The result of my generosity, as I’ve just defined it, might well make them look like liars and corporate goons. It’s possible it would work out that way for them, and in that context, I never exepcted them to do what they promised me multiple times, that is, to contact me.

      As for HC, I’ll look into it. I have gathered reivews form multiple other sources, as I summarized here:

      Nurse Abuse at Yuma Regional Medical Center: Update

      Thanks for your tip re HC – Greg


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