Who is that Guerrilla Nurse?

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Nurses need to do a far better job on at least three tasks:
1) Protecting each other against our abusers ,
2) Serving our own interests, and thus
3) Also protecting our patients from harm and abuse.

Seen in this context, I think that posts like this one can only help. We must shine sunlight on all the dark places in healthcare, on all the fraud, corruption and abuse. Only by shining such light can we hope to cleanse healhcare of these three infections.

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I am Melissa Brown, otherwise known as the Guerrilla Nurse. I am a retired RN living in Penscola, Florida.

For 37 years, I practiced as an RN is multiple clinical settings including emergency nursing, flight nursing, all critical care units except neonatal and, from 2002 until 2013, as an RN in psychiatric and substance abuse settings.

The Guerrilla Nurse was born when Alene Nitzky RN PhD asked me to write a blog post for her new website, Fighting Dinosaurs

The first post was written just in time for Nurses’ Week in 2015. My second post was written about two weeks later.

Guerrilla Nurse: Part One

Guerrilla Nurse Part Two

In May of 2013, I was fired from my position as an RN at Lakeview ASU in Pensacola, Florida. With the help and support of my husband, I was able to do what most nurses can’t do: I sued my…

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