My Day at Work: Good News and Bad News

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Spilled DirtFirst, the bad news:

I elbowed a bottle in the cafeteria,

And I knocked it off the counter,

And it was surprisingly large,

And it was rather full it seems,

And it shattered,

And there were about a billion witnesses.

Bad times!


The good news?

As I told the teeming masses staring my way,

The good news was that it was soy sauce!

Wait! That’s not good news!

I blame the acute embarrassment.

For you, reading this piece, safe from soy sauce, the good new is that you weren’t me at the time.


Walk away, Greg. walk away…



  1. Well at least you didn’t spill liquor….
    Alternative quips for next time: 1) Who shelved that one too close to the edge? 2)I was pushed! 3) Just go into a faint. When you come around, complain that you’ve got low blood sugar due to a combination of working too long without a meal and standing in line so long with a rumbling stomach that can smell the food!

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