Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED Big Red Links #24 : More Fun!

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Welcome to The Big Red Links!

In light of this blog’s current (and slow, trust me, I notice!) shift towards Nurse Comedy, the Big Red Links project needs to shift accordingly. Progess, I hope: only time will tell. The same three focus areas will remain in place: Nursing, Mental Health, and Art/Fun. The red headers continue to serve as links to the archives for each focus: all links to date. Only the balance between them will change. If my Muse and the Fates grant me my prayers, so to speak, these link collection posts may even take on more coherent themes. It’s a worthy goal in any case, one among too many, but a good one. We’ll see.

Before we dive in with the links, please consider two very important requests. I greatly appreciate it when you:

1) Submit material. Use The Big Red Carpet to share, advertise and publicize!  Contact me however you like: I list contact options at the bottom of the INTRO & Contact Info page. Also, 

2) Talk to me! Tell me how I’m doing: how my offerings affect you, what’s good or bloody awful, what you wish I’d offer or just please stop already, all my victories and flubs. Tell me the truth, your truth. I promise to respect it and weigh it heavily. By myself, I cannot possibly meet my goals. I joke and play a lot, but to improve life for everyone in pursuit of serious goals. Don’t hold back, don’t sugar-coat your opinions or offer me little white courteous lies out of kindness (although I do appreciate the sentiment!). Only your truth helps my cause, only you in all the world have it to offer, and my skin is quite thick these days. I’ve had plenty of  years to work on it. Tell me the truth, please. Grand or ugly, please give it your best shot: I’ll be just fine in either case, there will no hard feelings, and you’ll have done me a priceless service. I often joke, exaggerate or use sarcasm: not in this paragraph. I enjoy and benefit most when others help me learn and grow. Failures and negative feedback – two entirely different beasts, you know! – offer the most valuable lessons. Success and praise both feel nice, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them as much as the next guy, but they teach far less. Either way, it’s a win. We give each event in our lives its meaning, after the fact, with our response to it.  I pledge to do my very best to imbue all your feedback with the most noble, precious, and uplifting meaning possible. If I ever lapse… Call me on it, right Thanks!

Thanks, too, for your patience so far. To the links!

Art/Fun Links: 

Shamelessness Alert! Today, I Bring Comedy Nursing to LinkedIn!  Honestly, if you can’t plug your work on your own blog, what’s it for?

Want proof life isn’t fair? I spill coffee, I get a mess. Some people get ar instead!  Coffee Leaf Paintings Created With Morning Coffee Leftovers

Recycling on Steroids! Giant Mythical Creatures Sculpted Out of Found Scrap Wood and Recycled Materials – Can these folks help me with my recycling? All I can manage with it is an ugly blue bin, filled, then empty again, repeat.

Perhaps it’s time to give tatoo artists more credit: Tattoo Artist Transforms Girl’s Leg Braces into a Disney Fan’s Dream

Artists are some weird people. Want proof? I Add Weird Illustrations To Photos Of My Friends’ Feet  I like it!

What would you say if I were to double down on the shameless plug thing? If You Like Pina Coladas: Hackers, Sex and Fun 

I blame society… Thanks, Dad, For Not Killing Me.

Mental Health Links:

Feeling Depressed? Your Smartphone Detects It.  (C/o  )

Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in the Gut  : Your poop, it turns out, is mostly bacteria and bacterial byproducts. That humble poop, it seems, has surprising power over your mind. Humbling, isn’t it? Poop! Will a time come when “shit” becomes a respectable word, and “brain” a swear word?

Anti-Stress Coloring Book Offers Fun Creative Therapy for Adults : I want!

Curious how prisons affect prisoners and guards? This simulated prison study spun so badly out of control that it got cancelled early, then banned forever. The results were just that striking:  Inside “The Stanford Prison Experiment”: Six days In a Fake Prison And How They Changed the World

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine — it is lethal.”
— Paulo Coelho, novelist

Via ANA newsletter

Yes, that’s right, it’s not a link. Sue me!

Beyond Survivor – The Wounded Warrior Blog: Humor As Weapon, Shield and Psychological Salve

Good news! We Are Wired to Be Kind: How Evolution Gave Us Empathy, Compassion & Gratitude Open Culture

Via @frielingbailey

Nursing Links: 

Should autism nursing be an olympic event? A trip to the dentist : The Big Red Carpet has, shall we say, limited influence over Olympic officials. We await their expert opinion.

Surprise! It’s Nurse Mentor Goodness Day, freshly minted on the Red Carpet. Enjoy:

1) Mentor matching programs show positive results in workplace | Nurse.com News.

2) Value of mentoring immediate, experts say

3) Tips for gaining the most from mentoring

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