Nurses: Stand Up to Abusers. No Heavy Lifting. Here’s How:

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Sunlight Project- Post Cards
Sunlight Project – Post Cards

For those who fell into clicking this link twice now, perhaps I can make it worth your while. I’ve added a paragraph or two up front to save you grief. That’s how we ride on the Big Red Carpet! Value.

We can accomplish Anything we decide Must be done: We're Nurses!
We can accomplish Anything we decide Must be done: We’re Nurses!

Here’s the thing, folks. This sort of project can fully succeeds ONLY with lots of eyeballs. The more, the better! If you want it to become a hugely successful, extremely entertaining political coup that deeply shames and humbles lots of nurse abusers , here’s the deal. Spread the word and help me make it so! Once the snowball starts rolling downhill, it can crush any abuse in its path. But I can’t get it rolling, not by myself. For that, I need you! Spread the word.

I learned my tactics from Clay Shirky’s exciting book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. He reviewed some truly spectacular David Kills Goliath moments from social media history. I reviewed the book in Modern Davids and Goliaths: Underdog Victories,

i discussed related ideas on numerous occasions:

What Komen has taught us about PowerShow Some Nurse Power!  


Has the Time Come for Nurses to Take Control of Their Destiny?

Modern Davids and Goliaths: Underdgog Victories

Don’t Miss Out: 6 Important Lessons for Life from David Bowie and Me (Twofer!, etc.

I’ve made some weak stabs at such stunts before, with much less experience, far fewer tools and commitment, and a far smaller audience. Even without any budget or initial power, this sort of project often blows up like a hydrogen bomb of social and political energy. Think I exaggerate? Read the book or the review. Most stunts fizzle, of course, as did this one:

Send Pols the Balls They so Clearly Need? Democracy Fun!

When such stunts blow up, and they do rather often, no one on earth can withstand them. To date, the defeated include the Catholic Church, a major TV network, a large and powerful charity, the Communist Party of China, the New York Police Department… That’s off the top of my head, folks, I’m confident there are more. It’s all documented in… the book and review. And social media is only still learning how to walk and talk, folks. There is no more powerful force available to the powerless, the abused, the neglected. It’s what the military calls a force multiplier. I call it power to restore true democracy.

That all said, if you’re willing to spend a few seconds, a few clicks to perhaps make nurse and patient abuse blow up into the public limelight, please share posts related to this project. Together, most of us offering next to nothing, only a few – me so far – doing all the heavy lifting, we just might creat the next media scandal. We just might create such fireworks and buzz that all our lazy media friends will flock to it and suck it down like candy on Halloween: chomp chomp chomp!

We can do it, others have done it over and over. We can do it. The key word, kind reader? “WE.” All I ask for is a click here and there, a share, on any social media forum you happen to use.

[Now, the words from the previous post I Reduxed to create this one:]

I’ve neither forgotten nor abandoned the Sunlight Post Cards Project with the shift towards comedy on this blog. Fear not! I caught a case of protester’s block – we newbies are prone to it. So I needed to regroup, reflect, and consider my next move. I wanted a new tactic: some way to offer abusers negative feedback they’ll notice and appreciate, something new and different. There’s so much protesting and attention-seeking everywhere you look! It’s hard, really hard, to get any traction under such conditions, but not impossible.

I’ve come up with something. I doubt anything quite like it has ever been done before.

Yes, this is one of those teasers your mother warned you about, and I apologize for being that teaser guy, but this post inst just that. It’s a sign of my ever-limited impulse control. Know Thyself, right? There you have it. I couldn’t help letting out a hint, even though I still have some details to hash out before I show you the new beast I’m growing in the BIg Red Carpet laboratory.

Soon you’ll hear me in the distance:


Soon, folks. Soon!


  1. Hi Greg, long time no see (not exactly true, I read, but don’t comment much these days). I stopped by to challenge you to join me in “The Quote Challenge”, a nice, quick, easy-to-do 3-day challenge that can be done in less than 5 min. a day, which is exactly why I finally said yes to one of these things even though I’ve technically been running an award-free blog for quite some time. If you are interested you can get all the details at this posting of Vancouver Visions: (Crazy, but I can’t remember how to post a link in a comment section. Oh well, this method works.)

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    1. Why fight fire with fire? Why let the power abusers decide the game you’ll play? Why not topple the game board and offer them an offer they can’t refuse, another game, your rules?

      What makes the power abusers of the world shudder more than anything else? Two things: exposure, and humilation. How to offer both, though, in one neat package, and at the same time perhaps attract more eyeballs?

      How? It’s growing in my laboratory. Growing!

      I do love the teaser thing…

      BTW: sunlight makes great lighting for a TV reporter looking to stick a microphone in an abuser’s face, don’t you think?

      (Imagine the mad scientist laughter. Soon…)

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