Today, I Bring Comedy Nursing to LinkedIn!

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House Gets It. Maybe They’ll Catch Up Someday… One Can Only Hope, and Try and Make It So!

Today is a Great Day, a Day That Will Be Remembered!

Today, I bring comedy nursing to LinkedIn.

I do so for three reasons:

1) Nurses and patients desperately need more and higher quality humor as a survival skill and clinical tool.

2) LinkedIn could also use rather more of the good stuff. Laughter is a universal human good that builds social bonds, trust, good will, coöperation, health, creativity, energy, motivation, initiative, courage, hope, productivity, problem-solving, and joy. It’s also a known alternative to insanity – ask Jimmy Buffet! Otherwise it offers nothing of any practical use. Still, think about it, especially all you good folks out there who think you’re “too busy” to “waste time” on humor. Too busy to reach your full potential and waste your precious time thriving? Really?

3) Given that LinkedIn is so gosh darned serious and practical, I find this project inherently amusing. Humor and innovation are both highly esteemed within my – our – new LinkedIn group, Comedy Nurse Specialists.
Therefore, I warmly invite you to join us and enjoy. How often does a ground floor opportunity come along? How does THIS kind of ground floor opportunity come along? (Answer: “not often”. The answer is, “not often”) There’s plenty of room on stage, so to speak (for now!), and plenty of room in the audience as well. It’s all good.

Why build another regrets? Give it a try:

Come on Down, and Keep On Playing!

(P.S.: there’s an outside chance that “Comedy Nurse Specialist ” might become a recognized nursing specialty someday with its own professional organization, maybe even a Doctorate of Nurse Comedy. Picture a world served by Comedy Docs! Doesn’t it sound like a better future?

It could happen! It’s certainly a refreshing vision, in any case.)

(P.P.S: Yeah, House et al are docs, not nurses. Who cares? Humor grows with sharing, and they did it just as bad as we do. All people do, right?)


  1. I agree, Greg and totally can r/t leaving the norm and iffy support….OY!!! Maybe you should start a ‘humor in healthcare’ linked in group? I’ll join. It could be a combo of funny stuff and research r/t need for humor, stress, burnout and the like? Maybe you already started one. I’m a little confused about what is on LI re: this so if you can give me a link or clear direction, I’d be happy to stop on over.

    I think you are on to something very important when you talk about figuring out what’s funny for another person…I have somewhat of an intuitive sense around that and used it a lot with folks with dementia….but that aside, I think it can be a way to show you care about others and want to relate with/to them. This is extremely important in therapeutic relationships and interprofessional ones….so I see it as very important work.

    My focus, which will come as no surprise, is med improv program development and I hope to start a local-ish troupe at some point…I will keep you posted….I take a class in Portland, ME and guests are always welcome, but that might be a bit of a hike….I have a good friend in Arlington and head down there occassionally….so yeah….we’ll have to connect at some point. I bet you would find med improv to be great fun and great learning….

    Anyways…talk more soon!

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    1. I may need to retool it as to title I suppose, but I’m certainly open to your ideas and contributions to the LI CNS group, still a work in progress as it remains just hours old. It’s also just one limb of the beast I’m growing, and likely to remain its stodgiest. We’ll see, I have hope, even for the type-A LI crowd. All told, the potential and possibilities for humor in healht care and elsewhere are clearly far too vast and rich for any one person or lifetime. I may have to consider looking into that reincarnation idea…

      Yes, please keep me posted! I grew up just north of Portsmouth (Madbury. Who’s ever heard of Madbury? Between Durham and Dover), and while Portland isn’t quite across the street (across the street would be Arlington), it’s not really that long a trek either. Growing up, at least once a year we drove to western Ohio to visit relatives: my parents both grew up in a town called Sycamore, roughly as massive and famous as Madbury. It took 18 hours, until I grew and tweaked it, mostly as to speed. then it might take 14, traffic willing. In either case, once you make that drive a few dozen times, Portland really doesn’t very far away at all…

      Take care until later.


  2. I cheer you on, Greg. It really is part of a “get real” in healthcare effort, IMHO. I have lots of readers on LI and appreciate that it has been helpful in networking yet I also get me posts monitored all the time for this or that and I just roll my eyes. I think you were wise not to post that picture, (I’m not even sure I ‘get’ it, but it also speaks to what we can’t talk about and the reality in healthcare is that we deal w S–t every day. Anyways, humor is very important…like meditation, yoga, medical improv, (which can be humorous) it helps us connect and cope.

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    1. Thanks, Beth. Clearly, LinkedIn is not a natural or obvious venue for such a project, but I argue nursing humor is also important and responsible work. The whole “goofballs invade LI” idea is amusing, and who knows? Everybody does the obvious stuff, and that’s where all the competition lies. The not so obiovus stuff, though? Whatever the odds of success, and no one can predict such odds without empirical data – attempts – it’s the stuff no one tries where the Next Big Thing emerges. THEN, we all say how obvious it was that it would succeed. I don’t mind taking a few stabs at such an outcome. Who knows, and it’s fun anyway: no way to lose!

      As for Yoda, in the context of the post and project, I found the idea of an angry Yoda with a lightsaber initiating an invasion on LI funny. Comedy is all about figuring out what’s funny for OTHER people, and the best and only way, it seems, is to throw lots of pasta at the wall until something sticks.

      Again, thanks, Beth. There is usually little support for those who leave the norm, and nursing today is quite saturated in such thinking. A problem!

      P.S. – I really do need to swing by and try out some Improv with you. I’ve done it for years, but without any others to teach me. Surely it would treach me useful things… and it would be fun too.

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