Humor/Cute Alert: Why Do Peds Nurses Have All The Fun?

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Child Patient Wedding

I love psych nursing, don’t get me wrong, but… I’m jealous of pediatrics!

In psych nursing, we get boundaries, lots of boundaries. Such boundaries! If I went and married one of my patients – gad zooks! The scandal! The meetings! (I’d also have to deal with my current wife, polygamy laws, reporters, finding a new job and who knows what else but that’s all beside the point)

But peds nurses have an entirely different set of standards and expectations. How do I know? Would you like to see my proof? Would you like a warm fuzzy moment? If so, watch this quick video evidence: a nurse clearly marrying a patient – at work no less!

What else do they get to do?

I want to know!


  1. Working with kids is the BEST!!! Anything goes. Even in my subspecialty clinic we find ways to have fun, by blowing bubbles with the antibacterial soap, making the exam chair go high up into the sky, tickling kids arms with the speculum on the otoscope, picking out stickers, having Ninja fights with the tongue depressors. It is great. I couldn’t work with adults, they are way too serious. Great post!!!!!

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    1. Thanks! I’ve decided, at long last, to put my unusual sense of humor to more public use. I hope to make it as central to my public role(s) and it long has been at home and work.

      Succeed, fail, or wherever in the middle I might find myself with such a project, what an amusing ride it could be!

      People confuse serious with responsible, and emotionally constipated and boring with serious. Image with essence. It’s a common and tragic metal error heavily exacerbated by modern western industrial/corporate culture.

      Adults need not have children around to play like children, laugh life them, or enjoy their insights into life lived richly. Even Jesus offered us children as a model for the good life. It’s just that our culture demands that its adults wear emotional stright jackets and blinders, to model life more on a grey cubicle than a green forest. Not surprisingly, most adults accept the roles society demands of them.

      Most adults learn to become too emotionally impaired to allow themselves the joys of childhood without the presence of walking, talking excuses – children. Even with children around, few adults take much advantage of the invitation: they feel compelled to play the “respectable adult” role, stiff, bland, and unhealthy in countless ways, emotional and physical. Perhaps they watch and smile. How deeply sad to watch joy and refuse to participate!

      Wait and see, SD: I’m optimistic that such humor-impaired, prematurely-aged adulthood is a curable condition. The hard part, usually is to convince the patient to accept treatment…

      Again, thanks: for your story, your appreciation, and for triggering an easy new post!

      Keep playing!
      – Greg

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      1. Greg, you are so wise!! I will keep playing with the kids, because that is where I derive true joy!!!!! And maybe if adults and parents and teachers all relaxed a bit, they would understand the kids and the kids would enjoy spending time with them.

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