The Big Red Carpet #22 Sunday 7/12/15

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Welcome to The Big Red Carpet! 

Photographer Chase Richardson Slips and... via
Photographer Chase Richardson Slips and… via

In addition to the twelve stories shown, each section header takes you to an archive of all the links to date from that section.

I offer three such archives, one for each section of The Big Red Carpet.

I eagerly invite you to:

1) Share everything you find here,

2) Comment here: otherwise I get lonely!

3) Submit material. Use The Big Red Carpet to share, advertise and publicize!  Contact me however you like: I list contact options at the bottom of the INTRO & Contact Info page.

Nursing Links: 

Diagnostic Testing 101.1: The Importance of Sensitivity, Specificity and Diagnostic Test Accuracy | Michael Langan, M.D. – We need to learn this stuff for two reasons. We’ll understand the meaning and limitations of all test results, greatly enhancing our professional wisdom, contributions and credibility. Second, patients badly need effective education. Too any people assume that more is always better. Much harm, expense, and suffering comes of this mistake. We can educate them effectively only to the extent that we know our stuff. Vaguely waving your hand and saying “Trust us” won’t get the job done.

How To Teach Doctors Empathy – Medicine in a nutshell.  Address empathy with a day-long course. Fixed! Wrong. Physicians with any bedside manner have it DESPITE their abusive, technocratic training, and no day session will fix that. Research suggests that people skills affect the odds of getting sued by patients more powerfully than incompetence does. Feel free to mention this point to any doc complaining about liability… Their response may well help you predict which ones will get sued.

HEALTH CARE WORKFORCE: How many boomers? How many Gen X? Percent of nurses and doctors by generation – Look at the future of nursing: it’s a demographic cliff. Schools need to do a far better job convincing nurses to teach: we turn away many thousands of qualified students every year for lack of professors.

Tools for Survival as a New Nurse in the NICU

The Challenge of Bearing Witness to Patient and Family Suffering

Mental Health Links: 

What It’s Like to Be Profoundly Face-Blind — Science of Us.– Imagine totally lacking any ability to visually recognize faces. Any!

Case Study: A service user living with a long term condition (specifically schizophrenia)

Trying to be productive with depression | The realities of mental health

STIGMA – And Mental Illness | living in stigma

suicide ain’t painless | blahpolar diaries

Art/Fun Links:

Someone Laser-Etched A Tortilla So It Could Play Music On A Turntable – It happened!

Some Fucking Guided Meditation For Your Shitty Life – Meditation with atttitude and edge. Funny, actually.

Here’s A First Look At The ‘Sherlock’ Special

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